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Opping a Player

There are multiple methods you can use to OP a player when using our panel, those methods have been listed below.

You will first need to go to the Console page of your instance, if you are not sure how to get to your instance, take a look at the How do I find my Instance guide here:

Method 1 - Using the Online Players list

If the player is currently playing on the server they should appear in the online player list on the right of the console page.

If you do not see the player in the online player list please go to method 2


If you see the player you want to OP right-click on them to bring up the player management menu and click on OP. You should now get a notification at the bottom of the screen saying that the player is now an OP.


Method 2 - Using console commands

Click in the textbox below the console output where it says Enter your command or message here and press enter to send and type /op playerName then press the enter key on your keyboard. You will then get a message in the console output saying Made playerName a server operator


Method 3 - Using the player's menu

You will need to reboot your server after using this method

Once on the console page for your instance you will then have a Instance navigation menu to the left of the console window in here you will see a Players option, if you click this it will take you to a new page where you can add players to the whitelist or as operators (OPs).


Now that we are on the Players page click on the Operators tab.


From here we can now enter either the user name of the player we want to add as an OP or use the UUID, we can also select the OP level for the user. You can read more about OP levels here

Once you have entered the username or the UUID of the player and selected their OP level click the add button


The page will now refresh and add the player to the OPs list. You may need to tell the player that you OPped to reconnect to the server for the changes to take effect.