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FTB Utilities

This page is currently a work in progress and may not be complete

The following guide contains a list of useful commands added by FTB Utilities, it will also cover how to configure the commands and other aspects of the mod.


FTB Utilities is a mod that adds the following commands to servers.

Argument types: <required>[optional]

/warp <name> Teleport to a specified warp location
/setwarp <name> Creates a new warp location
/delwarp <name> Removes specified warp
/home [name] Teleport to your set home
/sethome [name] Creates a new home point
/delhome [name] Deletes your home point
/tpl <player> Teleports to the last known position of a player
/tpa <player> Sends a TP request to another player. If they accept it, player will be teleported to them
/tpaccept <player> Accept TP request
/back Teleport to the previous location before death/teleport
/spawn Teleport to the world spawn
/mute <player> Mutes player. They can no longer send chat messages
/unmute <player>

Umutes player

/heal [player] Heal yourself or the specified player
/killall [type] Kills all non-player, non-basic entities. Type can be specified
/nbtedit Edits NBT of block or entity player is currently looking at
/nbtedit block <x> <y> <z> Edits block NBT at coordinates
/nbtedit entity <id> Edits entity from it's ID
/nbtedit player <player> Edits player NBT
/nbtedit item Edits the NBT data of the held item
/fly Toggle creative flight
/leaderboards [id] Shows leaderboard list. Specify ID to see a leaderboard
/cycle_block_state Requires FTB Library debug commands enabled. Cycles block you are looking at states/rotations/types
/dump_chunkloaders Requires FTB Library debug commands enabled. Dumps a list of all chunk loaders in world
/nick [nickname...] Changes your own nickname. Can contain spaces
/nickfor <player> [nickname...] Changes nickname for another person
/inv view <player> Opens the inventory of the specified player
/inv disable_right_click Disables right clicking with the currently held items