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Minecraft: Java Edition

Creating a new Minecraft server

In the sidebar to the left click on the Add More button then click on Minecraft Java You will ...

Retrieving modpack logs from the CurseForge app

Navigate to the Minecraft section of the CurseForge app and right-click on the modpack you want t...

Instance Management

A collection of guides regarding how to manage an instance on your service

File Management

Editing, adding, removing, backup restoration...

Instance options

List of all instance options and explaining their functions


Crashes, start failures, mod rejections, errors etc.

Extra Information

Useful utilities

Useful guides on commonly used commands and configuring mods/plugins

Mitigating CVE-2021-44228 in Minecraft

If you are using Minecraft 1.18 or older we recommend following this guide to install a patch to ...

Installing BungeeCord/Waterfall

So you are interested in running a Bungeecord/Waterfall proxy server to connect your minecraft se...