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Importing a modpack from CurseForge

Before you follow this guide you will need to have already downloaded the of the modpack you want to import from CurseForge or if its a custom pack using the Twitch app you will need to export the modpack. Twitch has a guide on exporting modpacks here

Click on the instance you want to import the modpack to ( then make sure that the server is stopped by pressing the red stop button in the top right.

Next click on the Importer link in the instance navigation


On the importer page click on Click or drag your twitch export to upload. This will open a window where you can browse to where your CurseForge is.


Click on the then click on Open


It will now upload the modpack, once the upload is done you will get a notification saying that its being installed and you should see a progress bar showing files being downloaded.


Once the pack has finished installing you will get another notification saying that your instance is ready to be used and you should be able to start the instance (