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Finding your instances

What is an instance?

An instance is a profile on your server. This will allow you to install multiple versions of Minecraft or a modpack on your server.

In the left sidebar on the panel there will be a section called Games & Software under that you should see Minecraft: Java Edition. If you click on Minecraft Java Edition it will expand a list of instances you have installed on your service.


To manage an instance all you need to do is click on the name of the instance you want to manage and it will take you to the Console page of the instance where you will be able to navigate to the different management pages of the instance.


Note - You can run multiple instances at the same time, provided you have enough RAM to run them and disk space to install them. Minecraft does not share ports, each additional instance will require a new 'server port' in the "Settings" menu and can be connected to via your HOSTNAMEorIP:customportnumberhere - Eg: