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Operator Levels

Level 3 OPs can use the /op command, if they use this command then they will be able to give anyone access to OP level 4 as this is what Minecraft defaults to.

Operator levels allow the server administrator to control the level of access each operator has.

By default, if you use the /op command or another method listed in our adding operators guide it will use level 4 which grants full access the server commands list.

There are 4 levels that can be assigned to an operator, each grants access to different sets of commands. Each level will also inherit access to the commands from the level below.

Level Details
Level 1 OPs can bypass the spawn protection
Level 2 OPs can use all singleplayer cheat command with the exception of /publish and /debug. They are also given access to command blocks.
Level 3 OPs can use most multiplayer-exclusive commands, including /debug, and commands that manage players (/ban, /op, /deop, /kick).
Level 4 OPs can use all commands including /stop, /save-all. /save-on, /save-off