Opping a Player

There are multiple methods you can use to OP a player when using our panel, those methods have been listed below.

You will first need to go to the Console page of your instance, if you are not sure how to get to your instance, take a look at the How do I find my Instance guide here: https://www.creeperhost.net/wiki/books/minecraft-java-edition/page/finding-your-instances

Method 1 - Using the Online Players list

If the player is currently playing on the server they should appear in the online player list on the right of the console page.

If you do not see the player in the online player list please go to method 2


If you see the player you want to OP right-click on them to bring up the player management menu and click on OP. You should now get a notification at the bottom of the screen saying that the player is now an OP.