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Cross Modpack Chat

Ever wanted to play a modpack with someone but none of your friends were around? This first feature is for you!

We’ve introduced a chat option inside the Multiplayer menu - you can chat to other people, and chat to the people on your MineTogether friends list.

Ban appeals and account information (names etc) is handled on

Free Minigames

You can now play Minigames with your friends - for free! When you join a minigame you’ll have an option to invite friends. This feature requires the server list to be enabled to function (see below), as it sets up a temporary CreeperHost server. There will be a limit on how many minigames you can create, and a global pool of how many can be active at any one time.

In future, we plan to allow people to submit minigames or adventure maps for inclusion in the list.
Gone minigame-mad and finding that the free limit isn’t enough? If you have a CreeperHost server, you are able to log in and use your CreeperHost credit to create unlimited minigames.

Note to modpack authors: Please do not ship the config DIRECTORY with the mod - you can still ship the minetogether.cfg as before. Also, if you use custom main menu the minigame button ID is 3735928559

Now has a server list functionality - enable it in the config on the client, and on the server set the "discoverability" option in the It relies on the project ID being set correctly in the creeperhost.cfg

Values for discoverability:
"unlisted" (default) - will not be in the server list, no calls to CreeperHost servers will be made
"public" - will be shown on the public server list
"invite" - will be shown in the invite section. To invite users, use the /invite command - it will also whitelist them, although whitelist being enabled is not a condition of the invite function.
As usual, all features can be used without the ad functionality - so can be useful even if you aren't a sponsored modpack! I encourage anyone to contact me at @Cloudhunter on twitter if you have concerns or questions - or tweet the main @CreeperHost account.

No identifiable information is sent or stored on the CreeperHost servers - we use a hashed version of the UUID, and we do not store your IP address. All information is removed from our servers after 3 minutes without an update request being sent (currently the update request is sent every 90 seconds to let us know your server is still alive).

It also allows users to view basic server metrics regarding performance so they can judge if any lag is server-side or client-side, and other similarly useful information. This functionality requires ServerInfoProvider installed on the server - but this is not required for the ordering functionality to work. To access this, hold down Ctrl and Tab :)

New feature: World pre-gen. "chpregen" command has been added, use it for documentation! It persists across reboots, will prevent people from joining the server until completed and shows a progress bar. It can also be initiated by putting a crafted json file in the server root (or on the client, world folder) named pregenData.json.

This information is not branded or feature locked to CreeperHost services - and this feature can be used without having any button or MP menu entry. More features - again, not branded or locked - will be added once we think of more cool/useful stuff to add to assist server owners :)

The mod will also provide the ability for modpack creators to monetise any server sales through their modpack.

It is configurable with your promotional code and CurseForge ProjectID and provides an ingame GUI for ordering a server.

Our system will lookup your ProjectID in our database, and automatically load the latest available version of your project onto the server once the order is completed.

The discount and rewards for the purchase will be applied as if the customer had ordered through our website after visiting using your promotional link or entering your promotional code at order time.
No payment information will ever be taken in the client and all communication is done via https.

If you want to use the CreeperHost button with Custom Main menu, the button ID is 30051988 to be used in the wrapped button functionality