At CreeperHost, we're dedicated to ensuring all our company policies are available for our customers pre and post purchase.

We will keep this page updated to the best of our ability and anticipate any new policies or policy changes to be reflected here within 14 working days.

The last change was on the 21st April 2017

We request that you only ask us for help with things you cannot resolve yourself with the included tools, and we reserve the right to de-prioritise your tickets should they place a disproportionate burden on our support team, or offer you a paid support package - these support packages will be quoted per user and are not fixed.

If any work is undone, by the client or another third party, we reserve the right to refuse further work within the active billing period.

At Creeperhost, we all come from the gaming community, mostly Minecraft. We either make mods, run servers ourselves, or otherwise enjoy being a part of that community. We know what we'd want from a server host, and we strive to achieve that with the services we offer.

From time to time, customers do not always agree with us, and it is our goal to ensure that they remain satisfied.

It is our policy to provide credits and refunds in the following circumstances;

Full refunds are available

A) Within the first 48 hours when provided with a written, complete reason for you being dis-satisfied with our service.^ ✝

B) Within the first week for technical issues assuming at least 72 hours or 5 working days for fully dedicated hardware have been given to our technical support team to resolve any issues.* ^

Pro-rata refunds are available

A) Within the first month of service creation, assuming a full and complete written explanation is received of why you have been dis-satisfied with our service.* ^ ✝

Account credit is available

A) If we have any downtime within our control that has not been scheduled at any point in your service.*

^No refund will be given if the package you selected is below the recommended package for your chosen software on the CreeperHost Package Wizard. If the issues with your service are due to the incorrect choice in package, you will forfeit your right to a refund. The minimum specification on the wizard is given to ensure your service runs as it should. You may be offered a discounted upgrade to help resolve the issue.

*Policy relates to your Virtual Private Server or Dedicated Server only, and does not include the free tools we include to assist with the management of your server or any free domain names included.

✝Fully dedicated hardware of any kind is excluded from parts of the policies unless explicitly stated otherwise in a signed contract by both parties.

All paid domain name registrations, renewals and transfers are non-refundable.

Any credit balance is no longer a currency and can only be spent at CreeperHost; this is due to the fact that credit balance can be obtained through multiple methods and shared methods

1) All our 'Unlimited' options are subject to fair usage.

2) Bandwidth fair usage is limited at 2.93TiB(3000GB) per month with exception of Hong Kong based services, where bandwidth fair usage is limited to 495MiB per 1GB ram per day, exceeding this will result in service suspension until next reset date*.

3) Support fair usage is limited at 8 hours per month, increased to 12h for Enhanced and 16h for Advanced, exceeding this will impare your response times. Client interferance with any configuration provided by staff will result in voiding of non-essential technical support**

*Reset date is monthly for all services except Hong Kong, Hong Kong bandwidth is reset daily.

**These are hands on hours, and does not calculate ticket wait times.

CreeperHost's API, referred to as "API", "Aries API", "Aries" is a service which is provided as a tool for our customers, no credit can be given if outages are caused by misuse or if any of our end points are still running as intended, should their be an overall outage, credit will be given as per our SLA.

CreeperPanel, referred to as "Control Panel", "CP", "CreeperCP" and "CreeperPanel" is provided as a free tool to assist you in the management of your service, but is not part of your service. This tool is not required to use your VPS as SSH is provided with full root access, you are welcome to install any control panel software desired on your server, however we will not provide technical support for the usage of third party software to manage your service.

CreeperLabs are the CreeperHost community driven services, CreeperHost cannot be held responsible for user posted information, however it will do a best effort attempt at moderating all services provided to the community under this name.

This however means, that customers CreeperHost accounts are directly linked and liable for all actions they take on CreeperLabs based systems.

1. Profanity or abuse in any CreeperLabs service will result in minimum of 24 hour suspension.

2. Griefing or similar unsportsman conduct in CreeperLabs game servers will result in a minimum of 48 hour suspension.

3. Repeat offenses will double suspension time on second offense, and result in termination with no refund on third offense.

4. Unfortunately, you are responsible for any VIP's or sub accounts assosciated with your service, all actions undertaken by said personel will be held accountable against the main account holder.

Remember, this is a community, all advise is given as a server administrator, and is provided without warranty.

CreeperHosts Acceptable Use Policy ("Policy") is intended to help protect the CreeperHost service, CreeperHost clients and the Internet community in general from irresponsible or, in some cases, illegal activities, and the Client agrees to be bound by the Policy.

1. The Client and their end users shall not, nor shall they permit, enable, or assist others, to use the Services for any breach of any applicable law or generally accepted transmission or application protocols applicable to the Internet or any part of it or to anything connected to it or to any user of it. Such prohibited use includes but is not limited to the following: a. civil infringement of and/or criminal offences relating to copyright, trade marks or any other intellectual property right in any jurisdiction; or b. commission of any criminal offence (including deliberate transmission of computer viruses) under the Computer Misuse Act 1990 (UK) or any similar legislation in any country; or c. knowingly or recklessly transmitting, displaying or posting to a publicly accessible service any material which is unlawful or actionably defamatory or an invasion of privacy, breach of an intellectual property right or breach of a right of publicity in any jurisdiction with which any publicly accessible service reasonably appears to have any connection or from which it may reasonably be apprehended that a publicly accessible service is likely to be significantly accessed; or d. transmitting, transferring, displaying or posting to a publicly accessible service any material in breach of the Data Protection Act 1998 (UK) or similar legislation in any other country or of any material which is confidential or is a trade secret or which affects the national security of the United Kingdom or the said territory or which may expose CreeperHost to any retribution or penalty under the laws and/or regulations and/or decrees of the United Kingdom or any other country relating to the export of or dealing with military or potentially military resources; or e. use of the Services or the Internet in any manner which is a violation or infringement of any rights of any kind or nature (whether like to any of the foregoing or otherwise) of any person, firm or company; or f. unauthorised access to the network management equipment of CreeperHost or other Internet service providers; or g. forgery of Internet addresses or other fields in IP packets by the Client; or h. any sending of unsolicited email messages or any mass mailing of unsolicited advertising material by the Client; or i. any activity that potentially could harm the CreeperHost Network, its clients networks or other networks, including but not limited to traffic flooding, malicious overflows, etc; or j. any activity that CreeperHost decides at its absolute discretion is an unsuitable use of the Services.

2. The Client is responsible for:

a. Maintaining email addresses of the forms postmaster@client.domain and abuse@client.domain for receiving complaints of network abuse activities, as suggested by Internet Official Protocol Standard RFC 2142. Typically, these email addresses will forward emails to the real user accounts of the responsible persons for treating the network misuse complaints. b. The activities of its customer base or end-users and, by accepting service from CreeperHost, is agreeing to ensure that its clients abide by this Policy. If irresponsible or illegal activity continues, even after CreeperHost tries to communicate with the Client, then the Client may be subject to an appropriate action in order to stop those activities.

3. All complaints related to network misuse, including email abuse are to be sent to abuse@creeperhost.net

4. IRC services or IRC-related services are permitted only if they do not connect to EFnet and/or Undernet. This includes, but is not limited to: "IRCd servers," "eggdrops," "bots," and "bouncers." The purpose of this restriction is to prevent attacks on the CreeperHost service due to malicious activity that has been known to occur on the IRC networks EFnet and Undernet. In the event of an issue occuring from IRC based services we reserve the right to restrict IRC to any client at any time without warning

5. The Client warrants that it will respond to any Abuse Complaints within 48 hours.

We will routinely update this and ask people to check back regularly

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