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Space Engineers

Arma 3

Domain Setup

Custom Domains Third party nameservers

If you are using a CreeperHost custom domain, you can configure the domain settings under the "Account" > "Domains" menu. For the most part your domain should come pre-configured and 'ready to go'. Note: We do not support SRV record edits at this time. If ...

Minecraft Connection Failures

Minecraft: Java Edition Troubleshooting

Cannot Connect to Server Example: "Internal Exception: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host" This error means you cannot connect; The server is offline, the traffic is being blocked, the server is rejecting the c...

Connection failures

General Information Network connectivity

If you are unable to connect to your server: First, check your server logs! If the game software is noting your connection attempt it is likely your game software itself is rejecting the connection. The server logs should go into detail on why you cannot conn...

Mods and Plugins

Minecraft: Java Edition Troubleshooting

General Minecraft Software Rules: Vanilla Minecraft can load Minecraft (Not mods and not plugins).Bukkit-based Minecraft can load plugins (Not mods).Forge-based Minecraft can load mods (Not plugins).Hybrid software can load mods and plugins, however, dependin...

Server/Cluster Token

Don't Starve Together

Don't Starve Together requires that server owners specify a cluster token before the server will start and will allow players to join. This token is very easy as long as you own a copy of Don't Starve Together. Launch the game and hit "Play" on the first men...

Creating a new Minecraft server

Minecraft: Java Edition

In the sidebar to the left click on the Add More button then click on Minecraft Java You will now be asked to name your instance, once you have entered a name click on Create In the next screen you will be asked to select a version to install, On this sc...

Finding your instances

Minecraft: Java Edition Instance Management

What is an instance? An instance is a profile on your server. This will allow you to install multiple versions of Minecraft or a modpack on your server. In the left sidebar on the panel there will be a section called Games & Software under that you shou...

Opping a Player

Minecraft: Java Edition Instance Management

There are multiple methods you can use to OP a player when using our panel, those methods have been listed below. You will first need to go to the Console page of your instance, if you are not sure how to get to your instance, take a look at the How do I find...

Sending Console Commands

Minecraft: Java Edition Instance Management

To send console commands fist click on your instance and make sure you are on the Console page. Once you are on the Console page you will see a large box in the centre of the screen that may have a lot of text in it. Below the large box there will be textbox ...

Starting/Restarting/Stopping your server

Minecraft: Java Edition Instance Management

To start/restart/stop your server first click on your minecraft server in the sidebar. This will take you to the Console page of the instance you selected. You can find a guide on finding your instance here

Changing Settings

Minecraft: Java Edition Instance Management

To change the settings of your server such as the display name of the instance or the MOTD of the server select the instance you want to make the changes on then click on the Settings link. This will now load the Settings page for the instance where you are...

Adding Mods

Minecraft: Java Edition File Management

To find your instance please follow this guide: On the instance page of the server you want to add a mod to click on Mods in the instance navigation list. Once on th...

Updating your server

Minecraft: Java Edition Instance Management

To find your instance please follow this guide: First, you will need to make sure that the instance you are changing the version on has been stopped (you can find out ...


Retrieving modpack logs from the CurseForge app

Minecraft: Java Edition Launchers

Navigate to the Minecraft section of the CurseForge app and right-click on the modpack you want to get the logs for and select Open Folder Double click on the logs folder to open it and then right-click on a file called latest.log or fml-client-latest.log a...

Installing additional software


To install additional software on your service click on the Add more link in the sidebar You should now see a new popup open where you can select the game or service you would like to install.If you don't see the application you would like to install click ...

Changing between multiple services


If you currently have multiple services with us or are planning on ordering an additional service. You can swap between managing them by clicking on your service name in the top left of  the panel Click on the service you would like to manage. The panel s...

Importing your world

Minecraft: Java Edition File Management

Click on the instance you want to upload your world to ( then click the red stop button in the top right. Next click on the Import link in the instance navigation. On...


Installing a pre-made gamemode

Garry's Mod

We provide 4 different pre-made gamemodes for Garry's Mod. Sandbox (Default) PropHunt Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT/TerrorTown) Murder To install these login to the CreeperPanel and click on Garry's Mod in the left sidebar then press the red stop butto...

Workshop Resources

Garry's Mod

If you are having issues with missing textures/models or sounds with addons downloaded from the workshop, it may be necessary to create a file named workshop.lua in garrysmod/lua/autorun/server/ In this file you will need to enter the ID of the workshop item ...

Tutorial 1 Minecraft Java Edition

Video Tutorials