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Panel not responding

Just purchased a server or logged in and noticed there are 'tons' of new menus on the left that you did not expect to see? Who installed all this software, where did it come from!?

Does it look a bit like this?


Or the CPU/RAM/DISK bars are blank?

Don't panic!

Your service may be down, or, the panel is unable to contact your service.

When this happens the the CPU/RAM/DISK bars will be blank, and, as the panel is unable to determine what software is installed, it will display every game menu possible; None of these menu's will work. What you are seeing is the panel in a 'Hey, I can't talk to your service' state.

If you are a new customer check your email inbox for an email called "Problem Creating Your Server", we send these out automatically if your service cannot be installed due to location issues. It contains a URL to change the install location and get you online faster.
You can also use the support menu on our main website for further inquiries into the state of your service.

If your service has only recently started this behavior, contact us via the support menu on our main website.