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Service Name

One of the most important choice you will make when ordering a service is your service name. The name you pick will be final as once a service has been created with that name, to change it, your service will need to be re-created from scratch. Sadly not all names are available. We do have a lot of services running at any given time, so there can often be a service already running with your name sadly.

Another important reason why chosing your service name is so important is it will determine your server hostname.

You can connect using your numerical IP (Note: Your numerical IP can be found on the "Service" > "Access" menu), eg:, OR, you can connect with your hostname.

For example, if you chose yourname as your service name, then your service IP will be

Your hostname can be found on the lower left side of the control panel, you can click the hostname to copy it into your computers clipboard for pasting (CTRL+V) into the game clients 'hostname/ip' box.


To connect with a purchased domain, add "play." to the start of your domain name, eg:

For more information about configuring custom domains, please visit: Third Party Nameservers