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How to SSH/sFTP into your server

If you are looking to manage your server using SSH or want to transfer files using sFTP you will need to download the SSH/sFTP key from the access page of the panel as we do not provide a password for logging in via these methods.

Using an SSH/sFTP key increases the security of your service as it requires the user connecting to the service to have a physical file on their system rather than just entering a password.

Downloading the SSH/sFTP key

The SSH/sFTP key can be downloaded by going to the access page then clicking on the download button in the SSH/sFTP section, this will download the SSH/sFTP key for the minecraft user.


With the key downloaded you can now follow one of our guides on connecting via sFTP at

Connecting via SSH (Putty)

Putty is a piece of software that can be used to connect to your server using SSH and can be downloaded at the following link

Once you have putty downloaded, open it and you will be greeted with the following screen.


You will now want to enter [email protected] in the Host Name box then click the Plus button next to SSH then click on the text Auth, you should now see a text box with a browse button next to it, click on browse then navigate to where you save the SSH/sFTP key to, select the key then click Open. Now click on Session and (optionally) Enter a name in the text box below Saved Sessions and click the save button to save the Configuration. Finally, click on open to connect to your server.