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Live Chat using Discord

We now offer live chat support through Discord, to activate this option you will need to follow the steps below.

Note: You require an account with an active service to access this feature.

1. You will need to login or create a MineTogether account, a guide on creating an account can be found at

The following step is important or you wont be able to see the support section in discord.

2. After logging into your account, you will then need to link your CreeperHost, Minecraft and Discord account to your MineTogether account, a guide on linking your accounts can be found at the following links:

3. Join the MineTogether Discord using the link below

4. After reading the information in the #roles channel you should now see a CreeperHost category and in there you should see a channel named Support.
If you do not see the category, please try running the following Discord command /update-me this should update your roles and allow you access to the CreeperHost section.


5. If you click on the Support channel you should see a button called New Chat, if you click on the button it will open a private chat with us where we can help troubleshoot your issues and questions.