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Getting started with your service

We are currently working on fleshing out this getting started guide and hope to have it out soon,

In the mean time if you are stuck trying to get something working we have various guides for different games at if you are unable to find anything that helps resolve your problem do get in touch with us using the Support link on the panel or using the LiveChat option and we can help you get started

This guide may refer to some technical terms, a quick description of those terms can be found in the Terminology section below

Useful Guides


Finding your IP address

Upgrading your service

All of our other panel guides can be found at


Creating a new Minecraft instance:

Useful guides on managing your Minecraft server


Around the panel or this wiki you may come across some words that you have not seen before, the list below will break down the explanation of the word.

  • Instance(s)
    • An instance is like a profile, it allows you to create multiple servers for the game.
      This allows you to swap between different versions, maps or modpacks
  • Sub-menu
    • In a support ticket we may refer to something called the sub-menu, this is the small menu to the side of the console window after you click on a game/instance