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Setting up/editing a schedule

Creating a schedule

To create a schedule to restart/send a command or make a backup of your server, click on the Schedule link in the sidebar of the panel.

Once on the scheduler page, click on Add Task button thats on the right of the page

You will now be asked to select the server you want to create a schedule for, if you select Minecraft, you will then be asked to select the instance you want to create the schedule for.

After selecting the server you will now be given options on which task you want the schedule to perform.

Once a task is selected, you can now select how often you want the task to run, selecting one of the options (other than advanced) will then let you select the time/day that the task will run at.
If you select advanced, you will be shown a page that allows you to set the schedule using the cron format, you can use a website such as to help you create the desired schedule.

After you have set the desired schedule, click on the text that says Every X then you will be asked to confirm the schedule is correct and upon clicking save, your schedule will be active