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There is so much to Minecraft that some players may not know about. One of the joys of Minecraft is discovering things that can help you progress through the game and make the gaming experience all the more enjoyable.

Here we share some of our favourite tricks and tips in Minecraft. How many do you already know?

  1. The Mountains biome that used to be called extreme hills, is the only place where emerald ore is generated.

2. Although snowballs do not cause any damage to players, you can use them to do three points of damage to blazes. These are the only mobs you can use them against

3. Shulkers do not drop experience when you kill it. There are the only aggressive mob that don’t. Therefore, do not waste your energy or time fighting these if possible

4. Planting crops in alternating rows can help them grow faster

5. If lightning strikes the ground near a villager, it will transform into a witch.

6. Snow Golems will melt if they stand in the rain, fall into the water, fall into lava or enter a hot biome

7. It takes approximately 20 minutes for the day/night cycle to run. Mobs can only spawn for the seven darkest minutes.

8. No mobs can spawn on mushroom island biome. This makes it one of the safest places to explore.

9. When you are sprinting, you can run over block gaps of one without falling through.

10. Crops will not grow if the player is asleep or too far away from them so stay close by.

11. Don’t worry if you break an ender chest. The items will not disappear as long as you have another ender chest as a replacement.

12. You can cure the effects of all potions by drinking a bucket of milk

13. Sheep can regrow their wool by eating grass

14. Be aware of the moon. The fuller the moon, the higher the chance skeletons and zombies have the chance to pick up items and spawn with weapons or armour. Also, Slimes often spawn under a full moon but never a new moon.

15. You cannot craft chainmail armour. You can only obtain it by trading with blacksmith villagers or collected from mobs that spawn wearing it

16. When you are in a nether fortress, mobs will spawn faster inside than outside. This makes it extremely difficult to clear them for long so just keep moving.

17. You can perform a critical hit with a sword by jumping and hitting the mob as you fall to the ground. A successful critical hit can do 150% the damage of an attack.

The world of Minecraft is full of interesting tips and tricks that a player can learn over time to conquer the game. These are just a few of our favourite secret tips to help you progress quickly in the game. Did you know them all?


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