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Here at CreeperHost, we clearly love the iconic green Creeper from Minecraft. However, how much do you know about this villain? Here is our guide to Minecraft Creepers and everything you need to know about this deadly mob and one of Minecraft’s most famous creations.


Many Minecraft players may already know this, however, the creeper originated from a failed model of a pig. During creation, Notch had swapped the length and height measurements of the pig model by mistake. This resulted in a bizarre-looking creature that was able to be transformed into one of the most recognisable Minecraft mobs.


Creepers can only spawn in the overworld. They can travel to the Nether is they have been pushed through the portal, however, they will not have spawned there. They also do not spawn in the mushroom plains biome which is the same as all other mobs. In order for them to spawn, the light level must be seven or lower.


Creepers will start chasing a player once they are within a 16 block radius of the creeper. The player also has to be within 4 blocks of height from them in either direction. You will know that the creeper is about to explode as they start to flash white, shiver and hiss. To avoid damage, aim to get at least 3 blocks away from them.

Unlike other mobs, creepers will only attack the player as they see them as a threat. This is an important fact to remember as distracting them with other types of mobs such as golems will merely be a waste of time.


A great advantage of Creepers is that they are relatively easy to kill because they are quite weak. They can be killed easily with the majority of weapons. You can also force a creeper to explode in a safe place by using flint and steel. Doing this ignites the creeper’s fuse and will set the explosion off, regardless of where the player is. Killing them from a distance using arrows is another safe way to dispose of them.

Once a creeper is killed they can drop a variety of things. Each creeper killed will provide the player with 5 experience points. Gunpowder is often commonly dropped. When killed with a sword that has a Looting enchantment placed on it, the player can receive significantly more experience. If you manage to find a way to trick a skeleton to kill a creeper with their arrow, a rare music disc can be dropped.


Many mobs in Minecraft stay clear of a creeper due to the harm one can cause them. However, surprisingly you can use ocelots and cats to scare away creepers due to their feline phobia. This will cause them to flee unless the creeper is already about to explode. If this is the case, ensure you keep your cat or ocelot aware to avoid damage.


A creeper can become charged when it is struck by lightning. The lightening creates a more powerful version of the creeper, making their explosions more dangerous. You can identify a charged creeper by a blue swirl around them.

The lightening needs to strike within 4 blocks of the creeper in order for it to affect them. Once they are charged, the explosions are 4 times more powerful, and causes the most damage of all mobs, so players should remain cautious. If a charged creeper explodes and kills another mob such as a skeleton, zombie or even another creeper, it will cause that mob to drop its head. Players can use these heads to wear as masks.


If you have found a creeper head, once worn a creeper will not be able to detect you as easily. This allows you to pass them safely as long as you still keep your distance. Bear in mind that if you have chosen to wear a creeper mask, you will be unable to also wear a helmet, leaving you slightly more vulnerable if attacked.


Minecraft creator Notch once revealed that the physical texture of a creeper would feel “crunchy like dry leaves”. This may explain why creepers have a green, pixelated appearance. The green also allows the creeper to blend in with the classic Minecraft grass, making their quiet nature even more dangerous for the player.


Although spiders in Minecraft can be annoying for players, they can have their uses. If a creeper is about to detonate and walks into a cobweb, the detonation time will be significantly delayed, allowing the player more time to make their safe escape.


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