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In Minecraft survival mode, a player needs to gain as many valuable resources as possible. Obtaining these early on in the game can aid your later success. This is why locating the treasure chests that vital resources are hidden in is vital. Luckily, there are plenty of locations a player can start their search. Here we share how to find treasure chests in Minecraft.


Dungeons are underground and can contain a couple of treasures. Make sure you are well prepared before you enter a dungeon though. They tend to be guarded by several mobs such as skeletons, zombies, and pesky spiders that can all cause significant damage to the player.

To find a dungeon, head to caves as they are often located next to mineshafts underground.


Although strongholds are not as easy to find as dungeons, they can be home to more chests. You can often find loot such as Ender Pearls which can be used for activating portals. Definitely, something you should keep for later use.

Strongholds are also found underground and can be accessed through caves or mineshafts.


Certain biomes have their own style of pyramids. In jungle biomes, jungle pyramids can contain two treasure chests. One is hidden behind the walls with levers whilst the other one is protected with a dart trap so players need to be cautious when getting to this one.

Desert pyramids from desert biomes contain four treasure chests. Players will therefore be rewarded if they decided to find these chests, however, they are all well hidden and protected with traps, so all players should carry out this mission with care.

Abandoned mineshafts

Created underground, abandoned mineshafts are vast areas that usually cover hundreds of blocks. They make the perfect place to place several treasure chests. Depending on the size of the mineshaft, a player could find several chests if they are lucky.

To find an abandoned mineshaft, head to the caves or ravines to discover their entrance. However, in some biomes such as the mesa biome, the entrances can be exposed on the surface.


Spawning only in the ice plains biome, igloos are home to treasure chests. If the igloo has a basement, there will be one treasure chest waiting for the lucky player who discovers it. To access the basement, you will need to break the igloo floor and climb down the ladder.


Villages are the most common type of structure that is created in the game and can be found across several biomes excluding jungle, extreme hills, ocean, and mesa. Treasure chests can spawn inside houses, however, the most common place is the blacksmith’s shop so you should head there first.

Woodland mansions

Woodland mansions can only be found in the roofed forest biome. There is no guarantee you will find any treasure chests at all but you could also stumble across several so it is worth exploring. The attic, checkerboard room, and storage rooms are good places, however, you should explore the entire mansion as you never know where they might be hiding.


Sometimes found on beaches but usually in the ocean biomes, shipwrecks are a great place to search for treasure. Depending on the type of shipwreck a player can discover 1-3 treasure chests.

Ocean ruins

Whilst you are in the ocean biomes, also check ocean ruins for treasure chests. Each will contain at least one treasure chest which is hidden in the floor or walls. The difficulty with this is surviving underwater long enough to discover the treasure.

Buried treasure

Whilst the locations above are common places to discover treasure chests, the world of Minecraft is also filled with buried treasure, which are random treasure chests hidden in the ground under material such as sand or gravel. To discover the buried treasure the player will have to use a Buried Minecraft Treasure Map. Simply follow the map until you arrive at the spot indicated with a red X. You will see your current position with a white mark. Once you have reached the spot you will need to start digging. Dig a wide area to ensure you discover it. They are usually buried under sand or gravel, however, they can also be found under coal ore or diorite. Dig several blocks down to discover the chest and right-click on it to claim your treasure once you have found it.

What items will I find in buried treasure?

The items in the buried treasure chests can vary significantly, however here is a list of some of the common items you can expect to receive:

  • Heart of the sea
  • Cooked Fish
  • Leather Tunic
  • TNT
  • Emerald
  • Diamond
  • Prismarine Crystal
  • Gold Ingot
  • Iron Ingot

As you can see, you can expect to get anything from precious stones to clothing, weapons, and even food so they are definitely worth the effort to find.

Being able to find treasure chests quickly is one of the most essential skills a player can have. Knowing where to start your search can save you valuable time and help you progress through the game faster and be more prepared for the adventures and challenges ahead. Good luck with your treasure chest quest!


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