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One of the best parts of Minecraft is the animal mobs and how they interact with the player. Whilst some act like their real-life version, others have interesting quirks that can benefit or hinder the player. Here are 39 facts about animals in Minecraft.


Turtles spawn on warm beaches

You can lure turtles using seagrass, however, this can take a while. You can get seagrass using shears. Seagrass is also used to breed turtles and can be fed to speed up a baby turtle’s growth.

Once turtle eggs are hatched, they begin seeking the nearest water (just like in real life)

It can be a dangerous journey to the sea as other mobs can attack such as zombies, zombie pigmen, strays, husks, wither skeletons and more. Zombies will even stomp and destroy the eggs!

When a baby turtle grows up, they drop a piece of shell on the ground These are extremely useful as they give the player 10 seconds of water breathing. They allow you to stay underwater for longer and also help improve your underwater vision.

You can use turtle shell in brewing. When used with an awkward potion as the base, it will create a combination of resistance and slowness.


Rabbits in the Minecraft world come in seven different textures.

Rabbits are unfortunately not the smartest animal in Minecraft. They will go pretty much anywhere to reach a carrot. This includes jumping off a cliff or jumping into lava.

Just like in real life, rabbits can be fed dandelions.

They have a small chance of dropping a Rabbit's foot which can be used to brew potions that can aid a player’s jumping skills.

If you combine a rabbit with potato, carrot and mushroom you will create a rabbit stew which is great for boosting saturation points.


Llamas can spawn in four different colours - white, light grey, sandy or brown.

It is useful to known that llamas can be tamed in a similar way to horses. Unfortunately once a player is riding a llama they will not be able to control its movement.

Although llamas are passive, they have a nasty side which players need to be wary of. If you hit one, they will spit at you, causing some damage.


Dolphins are extremely playful and will often play with dropped items. Therefore, try and avoid dying near dolphins as you may not be able to retrieve all your items.

Dolphins are classed as a neutral mob, so they will still attack when they need to defend themselves. Avoid attacking one as they will jump on you and cause a significant amount of damage.

You can feed dolphins raw cod. Doing so is a great move as it will lead to the dolphin trusting you. Once they trust you they will play with you. A well-fed dolphin will also swim in the direction of the nearest treasure chest, so stay close!

Swimming and playing with dolphins is also a great thing to do when you are travelling somewhere. A player is given a temporary status called Dolphin’s Grace. This boosts your swimming speed greatly.


Although it is notoriously difficult to breed pandas in the real world, it is slightly easier in Minecraft. However, it is still more complicated than other mobs. To breed pandas, there must be at least eight blocks of bamboo nearby. If there isn't, the pandas will not go into love mode.

Pandas in Minecraft love bamboo which completely makes sense. However, they also eat cake!

Villagers have a special fondness for pandas and some have a strong bond. Avoid attacking a panda whenever possible, but especially near a village. Iron golems will start attacking you. Probably because pandas are an endangered species!


Foxes will pick up nearby items. Although they will pick up most items, they prefer to pick food. However, unlike pandas, they hate cake.

Foxes will also eat the berries from berry bushes. It is these berries that can be used to breed foxes.

If a fox picks up an enchanted weapon, the enchantment will affect the fox’s attack. For example, if a fox picks up a totem of undying, the fox will be revived if it takes a fatal hit.

Unlike other mobs, foxes can be only be tamed when you take a baby fox away from the parents. Once this has happened, the baby fox will trust you and won't run away or attack.

Foxes sometimes spawn with items in their mouth. They can spawn with one of the following: wheat, a rabbit’s foot, leather, rabbit hide, a feather, an egg, a cooked porkchop or an emerald.

Foxes only spawn in taiga and snowy taiga biomes. When they spawn in snow biomes they appear white, whilst when they spawn in warmer biomes, the foxes are red.


You can feed horses with a variety of food. They love golden carrots but hate normal ones.

When you feed a horse a golden food item, they will enter love mode.

Although mules do not naturally spawn in Minecraft, you can create one by breeding a horse and a donkey


Parrots will start to party when a music disc is played. They can even fly and dance at the same time.

Parrots come in the following colours: Green, Blue, Cyan, Red and Grey

They are fascinated with other mobs and tend to follow and circle them.

You can tame a parrot and once this is done, it will sit on your shoulder.

Parrots try and imitate the sounds around them, even hostile mobs.


A pig turns into a zombie pigman when it is struck by lightning.

When they are killed they normally drop 1-3 raw pork chops. If the pig died on the fire, the pork chops will be cooked.

You can guide a pig by using a carrot on a stick.

Once you learn more about how all the animal mobs in Minecraft act, you can use this to your advantage and help you excel in the game and also have more fun. Did you know all of these facts about the Minecraft animal kingdom? Which is your favourite?


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