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There are many achievements to earn in Minecraft that you can get from completing some challenges. They are a great way for new players to get to grips with the game and are also great for experienced players to aim for. Whereas some of the challenges are simple, others are much tougher to complete. Here we discuss some of the hardest achievements in Minecraft.

The End

The End is where you must defeat an Ender Dragon. However, it is a challenge to even reach the End in the first place. Once you have reached this point, defeating the Ender Dragon is tough. The Dragon has a lot of health and powerful weapons at its disposal. However, once you have defeated it, you will reap the rewards of 12,000 experience points!

Master Trader

This challenge is difficult to achieve because of the time a player needs to invest to complete it. To get this achievement you will need to trade enough items in exchange for 1,000 emeralds. This task will take you hours upon hours and is potentially one of the least enjoyable tasks. However, this makes the reward feel so much better when this task is achieved.

Rainbow Collection

If you love colour then this challenge is for you. If you gather all 16 colours of wool available in the game, you will unlock this achievement. Wool is easily obtained from sheep and whilst some sheep can spawn a random colour of wool, you usually have to rely on making dyes in order to achieve the other colours.

These dyes can be made from plants. However, some such as Cyan have to be crafted as they cannot be made naturally from plants.

The full-colour spectrum of wool is white, orange, magenta, light blue, blue, yellow, lime, pink, grey, light grey, cyan, purple, brown, green, red and black.

Sleeping with the fishes

In order to achieve this, you will need to spend an entire day underwater. This equates to roughly 20 minutes in real-time. Although this may sound like an impossible task, there are some ways a player can do this.

Firstly, you can craft three water breathing potions that are each upgraded to last eight minutes each. This will cover the time you need.

If you are not at the brewing stage of the game, this task is not impossible. You can sometimes use air bubbles that are found in ocean locations.

Whichever process you use, you must be wary of Drowned - hostile, underwater creatures that spawn naturally in water or when a zombie is submerged underwater for more than 30 seconds. These mobs make this achievement difficult to accomplish.

Adventuring Time

This achievement is great for the explorers of Minecraft who are constantly searching for new things within the game. You unlock this achievement when a player has discovered 17 biomes. The problem is that some biomes expand a large distance which can make exploring tedious. Therefore, players must find a quick way to travel, such as a horse, in order to speed this process up and to allow you to cover more ground.

There are many biomes, however they all fall into one of the following biome categories:  Plains, Forest, Jungle, Mountains, Desert, Taiga, Snowy Tundra, Swamp, Savannah, Badlands, Beach, River, Hills, Ocean, Mushroom, The End and The Nether.

Cheating Death

This occurs when a player has obtained a Totem of undying and uses it to cheat death. Once you have found the totem, simply get mobs such as a zombie to kill you when you are holding the item. Although this is simple, finding the totem in the first place is challenging. In order to do this, you will need to kill an Evoker as they drop the totem when they die. Evokers can be encountered by chance, or sometimes found in a woodland mansion. The truth is they are really rare, so if you do come across one, don’t miss your chance to unlock this rare achievement.


Many players class this as the hardest achievement of all to unlock in Minecraft. It involves creating a full beacon which is considered the biggest of end game treasures. In order to make one, 2196 iron ingots all need to be placed to form a perfect pyramid. This challenge involves a lot of resources which is why it is so difficult for players to complete.

Crafting a beacon obviously takes a lot of time and skill, however when done the player will be part of the Minecraft elite that has managed to conquer this challenge.

Minecraft’s achievements can help players find fun things they may otherwise not have done in the game. The challenge is to find them all, which believe us, can take a LONG time. But we think that is part of the fun. How many of these have you achieved and have we missed any of the challenges you struggled with from this list? If we have, comment below.


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