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My name is Paul, and I am the founder of CreeperHost. I have been working in the Minecraft community for nearly 12 years; CreeperHost was founded 10 years ago.

Recently, a YouTuber who used a service with us, under another persons account or a pseudonym, issued chargebacks for all paid services (3 months). Upon receipt of these, we submitted evidence of the service being used and our extensive anti-fraud checks to our merchant bank.

Merchant banks either do not receive or share the full details of a chargeback, only a reason, which in this case was, "fraud". Our information was sent back to the clients' bank, and the clients' bank upheld their clients' chargeback. The funds were removed from us, and our reputation with our merchant bank was damaged.

Our policy has been clear on this for 10 years; once we lose a chargeback, we immediately and irrevocably remove all the clients' data from our system; this process is so ingrained that it is now automated.

The named account holder then began contacting us, demanding the removed data. They were insistent there had been no chargebacks, even to the point they were contacting members of my team on their private communication channels late at night.

At this point, I personally took it upon myself, for the benefit of my own staff, to end the conversation as quickly as possible so both parties could move on.

There was no data, and, at this point, we had no appetite to continue working with the customer, as we're not in the business of demanding the chargeback fees or damages. It's a risk of business, we end the business relationship and move on.

Now, after this point, is when we started getting flooded with tweets and messages on our contact system - These all go into a singular channel and are sorted by my team for severity etc.
These were so numerous that -all- messages by non-logged-in users were being closed for a period of three to four hours, and a great many users were being blocked/auto blocked by our social team and software, so we could understandably try to focus on our paying customers.

It has come to my attention, during that time, the YouTuber "Filipe Neto" had reached out to explain it was actually his service - If the message had been seen, it would've been met with a response that we could not discuss another client account with him, and he would need to get the account holder to authorise him.

In addition, we were also approached by a legal team, which felt like quite an aggressive stance.
I personally replied to them explaining that if this was his account, which we can't confirm as it was not in his name, and that if this was going to legal or the harassment continues they would have to contact Waterfront Solicitors LLC - Our legal counsel.

After that, the tweet that incited the original harassment was removed. Then a live stream was held later that night that accused us of actions unbefitting of an established company, but also explaining the mix-up occurred due to our card processing name being "PlayAt.CH" and they did not know what that was.

We use this as our processing name as most banks have a limit of 9 or 10 characters, and our full name has an unfortunate meaning when it is only the first 9 characters.

We do not treat customers with fame any different to others, as I firmly believe any personality online who recommends the product should receive the same level of care as their audience.
If the client had been patient and waited for our business hours, we would've happily sat down and assisted in any way we could. We have regularly assisted with disaster recovery plans for clients and have helped them with long-term secure backup solutions.

I am happy to apologise for any undue stress this has caused any parties, and have reached out myself and requested a member of my team also reach out.
I hope people interested in this read it and can understand how this situation unfolded.

We as a company, and myself, remain committed to our South American users and will continue to work to improve our product and service.

Happy gaming and stay healthy,
CEO and Founder.

N.B. The original harassment wave was started by a public tweet, 30 hours prior to the livestream. (Tweet 1415788248366989315, 22:40 Thursday 15th July sent publicly)


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