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Experience (XP) is essential for players to obtain in Minecraft as it allows them to progress through the game. Although it doesn’t make a player stronger or faster, if they have enough experience, it allows them to do more things within the game, which can help make playing the game even more enjoyable. Here is our guide on why experience is important in Minecraft and how a player can gain it.


Experience in Minecraft takes the form of green or yellow orbs that the player can collect. Almost everything you do in Minecraft will give you the chance to collect some experience points. As you collect the orbs, your experience bar fills with green blocks. This indicates your progress towards the next experience level. As you progress, it becomes harder to reach the next level.


Once you have collected enough experience, it allows you to do more things within the game and allows you to spend this experience when you wish. Most experience points are spent on repairing or enchanting items. Therefore, collecting experience is vital if you are wanting the best weapons and armour for protection. You need to be careful when using your experience. Once you die, you lose all of your experience and will need to start from scratch. Therefore you shouldn’t wait too long before you go on a spending spree.



Killing a tame mob is by far the easiest way to gain experience. However, it is also a slow option. Tame mobs tend to drop around 1-3 experience points. Some may not even drop any. For more experience, you will need to kill hostile mobs. This is trickier but most hostile mobs drop between 5-20 experience points, making them a much better option. There is also the odd hostile mob that provide a huge amount of experience when killed. For example, the wither drops 50 whereas the ender dragon drops a massive 12,000 experience the first time it is killed.

You can even let your pet cat or dog kill a mob for you. They will still drop experience even if it is not you attacking them.


Successfully trading with villagers can get you easy XP. Each trade can give you 3-9 experience points and if the villagers are at maximum happiness with lots of trading going on, this can increase to 8-11. Ensure there are lots of trading by setting up a trading hall for all the villagers to enjoy.


Mining is one of the fastest ways a player can gain XP early on in the game. Mining ore can sometimes not provide any experience however it depends on what the material is. Coal can drop anything from 0-2. Lapis Lazuli and nether quartz can yield 2-5 XP whether diamond or emerald can give a player 3-7 XP, making these the valuable materials you should be after.

A top tip is to mine at night instead of being in your bed. As long as you remain in a safe location, this allows you a great opportunity to mine and gain XP at night.


Not only does fishing provide a player with food, but you can also gain experience from it. Each time you successfully catch a fish, you can receive 1-6 XP. Try and fish when it is raining as this can help you catch more fish and therefore receive more experience points at the same time.


When you are breeding mobs such as sheep, chicken or horses, you can gain valuable experience. 1-7 XP can be dropped for every time a pair of mobs are successfully breeding. Luckily it is simply to breed. Find two of the same mob and feed them the correct type of food. That is all you have to do.


This potion is rare and can only be obtained by trading with emeralds or found as treasure. Once you have thrown the potion, it will break and drop 3-11 experience points.


Smelting gives you a small amount of experience so it is important to stack it up. Smelting diamond, emerald or gold can give you 1 XP per block. However Iron and restone will only yield 0.7XP with nethersand and stone bricks only 0.1XP. The points are automatically given to the player once the product has been removed from the furnace.

As you can see, there are a variety of ways to gain experience points in Minecraft. Although you will gain experience from almost every action you do within the game, by tactically undertaking the activities that will yield the most experience, you will be in a great position to level up faster, allowing you to achieve more and play at a higher level. Even though your experience may not be able to be used until later in the game once an enchanting table and anvil are available, by collecting points through methods that yield the most experience, can help you avoid repeating easy tasks over and over again which can be repetitive.


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