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There are many mods our there for Minecraft. You may not know what ones to choose when you want to play with some.

Journey map.

Is a handy mod that’s adds a map to your Minecraft. You can choose to have it as a minimap, view it full screen or even in a separate web browser. The map will draw out the map as you explore and you can add way points. It also marks out mobs so you can be aware if any are sneaking up behind you.

Biomes O’plenty.

Great for extra exploration as well as a some of new blocks to decorate with. Biomes O’plenty adds 80 new biomes and 12 sub-biomes! With new items comes new recipes. This mod also adds a little more variety to tools, armour, food, colour, and adds a few extra blocks to build with. The different woods you get are great for decorating with a multitude of colours ranging from pink to green and white. Not just different woods, but different ores too including topaz and ruby.


Is great for people who like the building and decorating aspect of Minecraft, it allows you to craft furniture. Actual chairs! Not stairs for chairs. You can craft tables, lamps, anchors, stuffed toys, beer kegs and even a kitchen sink. Lots of new items to decorate with like fruit bowls, toasters and swords. The full list is almost endless, so dive in to the Wiki to see the full range of options.

Useful Backpacks

Why doesn't basic Minecraft have these? Its essentially a whole chests worth of storage on your back. Very useful for all those long ventures across biomes or underground. You can craft a small, medium and large backpack. The small has 15 slots, medium has 54 and a large backpack has a staggering 117 slots.

Not enough items (NEI)

Too many mods? Don't know the craft recipe you need? Not enough items lets you look up any recipe in your modded Minecraft game through a nifty interface on the inventory screen. It displays all the items and recipes to one side of your inventory so that you can freely

Chisel 2

Minecraft only has one cobblestone texture. Chisel 2 has 24. In fact, it adds alternative textures to a huge number of the game’s default blocks as well as blocks that come with other mods in this list – letting you create any decor you desire in your in-game constructions.

Pam's Harvestcraft

Fan of farming games? Not enough food variants in your Minecraft game? Pam's harvest is for you. Grow more crops than ever before and plenty more fish in the sea! You can make tofu for vegetarian and vegan dishes. More fruit bearing trees. A diet that's equal parts lavish and balanced. If you're feeling like growing the extra crops is unnecessary, there are 2 other mods you could ass to help give it meaning; Hunger Overhaul and The Spice of Life, which both punish your poor eating habits.

Bring some serious variation to your Minecraft diet with this produce-laden mod that adds over 1,100 new foods and items, including 60 crops, 17 types of fish, tofu for vegetarian and vegan dishes, and 36 fruit or item bearing trees.

Of course, if you have stashes of food, then you’ll want to make sure your cooking is up to scratch. The Cooking for Blockheads mod adds five new blocks that form a multiblock kitchen structure. Involved in that are a cooking table, oven, sink, tool rack, and fridge – think of it like Minecraft as a cooking game. The mod was made with Pam’s Harvestcraft in mind, so the two go quite well together we reckon – the cooking possibilities are close to endless.

Rope Bridge Mod

Make mountaineering easier for yourself by installing this handy mod, which provides you with a portable grappling gun that will automatically build a bridge from where you’re standing to where it’s aimed. It’s also particularly useful for building tree-top fortresses. Such a lovely simple tool that once you get it, you won't be able to play without it.

Being able to easily walk from one mountain peak to its neighbouring mountain, without having to travel all the way down and back up again is a godsend.  


This mod adds a bunch of magical arcane blocks and items. You can manipulate the magic energies found in every in-game item to create powerful wands that can be used to kill mobs. You can even create  golems to do your bidding. There are new tainted biomes to explore and even a new dimension called the Eldrich. The Eldrich is a labyrinth filled with tainted mobs and bosses to fight.  

If you’re still stuck on mods to choose, there is always mod packs to try with an assortment of mods in them. They tend to curate a bunch of compatible mobs to create a whole new Minecraft experience.


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