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Have you ever been staring at your Minecraft menu screen, knowing you want to play, but don't actually know what to do? Well here's a list of fun things to do in Minecraft alone or with friends when you're bored at home.

Build a Castle!

It’s a Cliché, but why not? It’s a large project you can set yourself to pass the time. The skies the limit! You could build it secretly underground, or up in the clouds. Build one in the end out of obsidian where you fought the dragon. You could even keep it simple and just improve a nether fortress you found. You could even make multiple castles, all in different biomes with their own separate themes. That would be an amazing world to share!

Make an adventure map

Give your friends a quest to complete. You could build an awesome spawn area and different challenges they must complete to progress, tell a story behind the adventure. Perhaps a village has been raided by a powerful magician and it’s their quest to find his tower and recover the magic book to restore it. This would involve you putting in the effort to make a village look raided, to create a wizard’s tower and anything else you fancy. Give your friends rewards for completing it. You could set them red stone challenges like which button opens this door? It will be fun to watch them fail and succeed in something you put time and effort into building, and I’m sure they would all appreciate the game too. If you feel you’re not the best at story telling then why not make a parkour course, this way it’s still fun so everyone can enjoy it, including yourself.

Try out that pixel art

Why not see what you can create. Block by block, just get creative! Grab some inspiration from the internet. Practice. Show it off to your friends. You could even make a game out of it. Sort of like Pictionary but with blocks in Minecraft. You could either get your friend to guess what you’re drawing, or you could compete with one another to see who can make the best of something, whether that be a pixel frog or a flower.

Prank your friends

Elaborate or small, see if you can get a good laugh out of it. Remember there’s a difference between pranks and griefing so make sure your friend is light-hearted before you start burning their stuff. If you’re stuck for prank ideas, there is plenty of videos on YouTube.


Why not come up with a new house design, make it more epic! Maybe remodel a village you’ve come across, different themes for each village you find. Perhaps you just want to make a new house all together in a completely different biome.

Hardcore mode

Why not finally try that hardcore mode that you have been putting off, you could see how far you can get. You could take it slowly or even try your hand at speed running through it. If you need a goal to work towards, consider slaying the dragon and the wither as your ending.


Mods are a great way to keep you entertained in the game when you find yourself getting bored of the usual vanilla. You can have things such as new biomes, strange and scary mobs, even new Minecraft recipes. Perhaps you want to be more decorative and add real furniture for your house. There are many mods out there so feel free to browse before completely deciding what kind of new adventure you’ll begin with your new modifications.

PvP (Player verses Player)

Why not start a new world with your friends? Give yourselves 10 minutes to travel away from each other, get resources and equipment you think you may need, because you’re going to hunt each other down. Last person alive wins. It’s kind of like a battle royale meets hide and seek. You can even keep it simple and just build an arena that you can all PVP in instead of hunting each other.


Build some farms! Whether it’s a mob farm or maybe you want to go more industrial and you want to try your hand at red stone. You could make yourself a 0tick sugar cane farm. There are plenty of red stone tutorials on the internet for all kinds of farms. Farms are a great way of gaining experience points within the game.

Gather some diamonds.

This is a no brainer! We all want diamonds in Minecraft. Nothing wrong with going on long expeditions underground to stockpile up on diamonds, and then go about gloating to your friends. Perhaps you might want to be more adventurous with your gathering of this precious ore. You could set up shop. Find something that’s hard to gather in Minecraft and sell it for diamonds to your friends. Here’s a challenging thing to gather, but will sell for a lot, an elytra. Go to the end and find all the end cities you can and gather as many elytra as possible. You’ll be rolling in diamonds for days.


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