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One of the most enjoyable aspects of Minecraft is stumbling across or obtaining an item that is rare. Here, we discuss 10 of the rarest items in Minecraft that, if you got your hands on them, would leave other players green with envy!


Obtained by defeating a Wither. A Wither is a type of mob that floats and shoots explosive skulls at players. You first have to summon the wither, then defeat it which is NOT an easy task. The Nether Star can be used to craft beacons.


This is perhaps the only truly unique item that can be found in Minecraft as there is only one of them per game. The egg appears on top of the exit portal once you have killed the dragon and is hard to get to.  If you try and mine it, the egg teleports a short distance away. Therefore, the easiest way to collect it is to ensure there are no air blocks for it to teleport to. There isn't much use to the egg, apart from being a fantastic talisman!


These are a glowing block that a player can use to light up the world around them. They are pale cubes that emit white light. Unfortunately, these only generate in rare ocean ruins and monuments. If you do come across them, add them into your inventory as they can be very useful.


This is an example of an item that cannot be crafted. They can sometimes be dropped by certain mobs if the player is lucky to stumble across one. They can also be obtained by heading to a village and making a trade with a blacksmith. Once you have chainmail armour, it is a great item to enchant.


Mob Heads are rarely dropped, so they are not a common sight. If you do find them, you can use them as blocks, wear them as a helmet to scare others or simply keep them because they are an unusual find. There are 6 types in total and when worn creeper, zombie and skeleton heads can help reduce the detection rate of the player when they are near the matching mob by 50%.


This is the rarest type of ore and can only be found in the Extreme Hills biome. It is rare to come across it without some intensive mining. If you are lucky enough to find some, you can use it to trade with villagers. Mine the ore using an iron pickaxe otherwise, you may break it. If like the majority of players, you do not come across emerald ore to mine, you can still obtain emeralds through trading so all is not lost.


These go on top of a pyramid and can be made from iron, gold or diamond blocks. Once activated they can act as a buffer and you can have fun playing around with the colours. All you need to do is place coloured glass over it. They can be mined which is rare or crafted from nether star, glass blocks and obsidian.


There are 12 unique discs that players can find in Minecraft. They can be played on a jukebox and two of them can be discovered in chests. The others can be found when tricking a skeleton into killing a creeper with its arrow. It takes A LOT of time to collect them all but is a task for hardcore fans that fancy a new challenge.


Sponge blocks are obtained in ocean monuments. When they are dry, they can instantly absorb water when placed next to a water block. They can be a useful, temporary fix to stop water from flooding when used correctly. You can also craft these blocks however it is made with a furnace and not a crafting table


Finally, in our list of rarest items in Minecraft is Ender Pearls. Endermen are spooky mobs that appear every now and then during the night. Because they teleport, they can be tricky to defeat. Weirdly, by wearing a pumpkin as a helmet will help prevent them from becoming hostile, giving you precious time to attack them. You can then collect ender pearls which aid you teleporting long distances.

Discovering new items in Minecraft is a lot of fun and these are just some of the rarest items that can be found. If you manage to get hold of these, congratulations! Make the most of them and keep on searching for more and see how many on this list you can find! What is your favourite rare item in Minecraft- let us know!


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