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Enabling Total Conversion

Ark: Survival Evolved Mods

Total Conversion is a modification of the game (DLC). To enable the Primitive Plus Total Convers...

Installation Location

Minecraft: Java Edition File Management

Minecraft: Java Edition is stored in the ./home/minecraft/mc-instances/mc-INSTANCEIDHERE/ directo...

Restoring Backups

Minecraft: Java Edition File Management

Backup Restoration: To restore a backup created by mods such as FTBU (Feed The Beast Utilities) ...

Restoring Backups

General Information File management & SSH/sFTP

If you have made a backup via the Service > Backupspage, you can restore it by: 1) Visit any Con...

Installation Locations

General Information File management & SSH/sFTP

All installations are stored within the /home/minecraft/* directory within their respective folde...

Panel not responding

General Information Troubleshooting

Just purchased a server or logged in and noticed there are 'tons' of new menus on the left that y...

Domain Setup

Custom Domains Third party nameservers

If you are using a CreeperHost custom domain, you can configure the domain settings under the "Ac...

Minecraft Connection Failures

Minecraft: Java Edition Troubleshooting

Cannot Connect to Server Example: "Internal Exception: An existing connecti...

Connection failures

General Information Network connectivity

If you are unable to connect to your server: First, check your server logs! If the game software...

Mods and Plugins

Minecraft: Java Edition Troubleshooting

General Minecraft Software Rules: Vanilla Minecraft can load Minecraft (Not mods and not plugins...


MineTogether Minecraft Mod

Cross Modpack ChatEver wanted to play a modpack with someone but none of your friends were around...