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Enabling Total Conversion

Total Conversion is a modification of the game (DLC).

To enable the Primitive Plus Total Conversion;

1) Visit your ARK: Survival Evolved > Console page.

2) Click the "Files" menu.

3) Click on the file ark.config to open it - This file contains a set of start arguments in JSON format.

4) Between the { }, add "TotalConversionMod":"111111111" - Note: The file is JSON format, make sure to add a comma between each argument you add, eg: {"Arg1":"1","TotalConversionMod":"111111111","Arg2":"1"}

5) Click "Save" at the top/bottom of the document.

6) Visit the ./ark/ShooterGame/Saved/Config/LinuxServer/ directory and open the GameUserSettings.ini, add "ActiveMapMod=111111111" under "[Server Settings]".

7) Click "Save" at the top/bottom of the document.

You can now start your server.