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Getting started with your service

We are currently working on fleshing out this getting started guide and hope to have it out soon,...

Updating your server

To find your instance please follow this guide:

Advanced: FileZilla sFTP Guide

If you have never used sFTP before we would recommend you follow our sFTP wrapper guide at https:...

How to use the SFTP Wrapper

To quickly load up WinSCP, you can use our wrapper to automatically launch WinSCP and log you in ...

Advanced: WinSCP SFTP Guide

Download and install WinSCP. This is Windows only. You can do this by either going directly to th...

Advanced: CyberDuck SFTP Guide

Firstly, download and install CyberDuck. This can be used on either Mac or Windows. You can do th...

Testing connectivity (MTR)

In order to see what might be affecting your connection to the server, we need to run something n...

Settings Errors

Error Unable to find existing config This error is not critical. ThisĀ is a warning; When you've ...

Panel not responding

Just purchased a server or logged in and noticed there are 'tons' of new menus on the left that y...

Service Location

When ordering a service it is important to get the best connection to your service as possible. T...

Service Name

One of the most important choice you will make when ordering a service is your service name. The ...

Connection failures

If you are unable to connect to your server: First, check your server logs! If the game software...

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