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Uploading your world

1. Create the world in signleplayer with the settings you want

2. Navigate to C:\Users\<YOUR WINDOWS USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\SpaceEngineers\Saves\ and zip up the folder that has the name of the world you would like to upload.

3. Connect to your server using sFTP (sFTP guide) and navigate to the /home/minecraft/spaceengineers/data/saves directory

4. Upload the zip of your world then in the file manager on the panel, right click on the file you uploaded and select extract

5. Edit the server settings via the settings page or manually edit the SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg file and set the world name to the same as the folder name of your world

6. Start your server up and it should use the world you uploaded.

If you run into any issues getting your world uploaded, please open a ticket and we can help you get it working