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When playing Minecraft, you'll inevitably come across mobs. While some are easy to defeat, others can be challenging and some are just plain creepy. In this guide, we'll highlight the most perilous mobs in Minecraft and provide tips on how to overcome some of them.

Different types of mobs you can find in Minecraft, both passive and aggressive

The Warden

Starting strong, the Warden is probably one of the spookiest mobs on this list. Spawning only in the deep dark, it has 250 hearts of health and deals damage up to a whopping 22.5 hearts per attack (depending on your difficulty level). Not to mention it's extremely sensitive to smells and vibrations, meaning just walking can make you vulnerable. They also have an anger meter towards each player that ranges from calm to enraged. Once in an enraged state, the Warden's sense of smell takes over and locks onto that player ignoring everything else in its path.

They don't spawn like most other mobs in the game, the Warden is only triggered by Sculk Shriekers. Like the Warden, they sense the player through vibrations and emit a nightmare-inducing scream. Once you have triggered Sculk Shriekers four times, the Warden will appear. As if that wasn't scary enough, this sequence can happen multiple times as long as there is no other Warden within 48 blocks. Yikes!

The Warden

Spiders and Cave Spiders

Although spiders are not the most harmful mobs, they can be scary, especially if you have Arachnophobia. Spiders are often the go-to option to scare people and Minecraft is not an exception to this rule. The scariest thing about Minecraft spiders is that they can even climb walls (the only mob to do so) limiting the player's options for escape. If a player is unprepared and within range, spiders can leap onto the player and cause health damage. One positive is that spiders are only hostile when they are in the dark. During the day they will remain harmless as long as the player doesn’t aggravate them. Once night has fallen, they will however chase you until you are out of sight or are defeated.

Cave spiders take it to a whole other level. As the name suggests, this mob variant only spawns inside caves or mineshafts. As these environments are dark, cave spiders are automatically hostile. Not only will they attack immediately, but they can also poison a player which continuously drains their health. To make matters worse, they can squeeze through tight spaces of 1x1 which makes escaping them even harder.

To defeat them, try using arrows as this means you are keeping your distance. Avoid using a splash potion of invisibility near them. If they drink the potion, their bodies will disappear and will leave only their bright red eyes. There is no reason to make them even scarier!


Endermen have to be on this list for their appearance alone. These tall, creepy humanoids can be seen across the Overworld, however they mainly spawn in The End. Spawning only at night, these mobs, unlike skeletons and zombies, cannot burn when exposed to daylight. Instead, they avoid light by teleporting.

It is this ability to teleport that makes them all the more dangerous. Although they will leave you alone if you stay away, as soon as a player looks at them they will go on the attack. They will emit a horrendous gasping sound and once you break eye contact, they will rush in your direction, giving you limited time to react.

Their weakness is water, so rain is always favourable. Despite being possible (and quite simple) to defeat, every time you hurt them they will teleport and attack from another angle, meaning players have to be on high alert when Endermen are lurking.



Many of us can't help but love the creeper, although we may be biased! They are in many ways the mascot of Minecraft and are symbolic of the game that we love. However, it cannot be forgotten that these green four-legged creatures are still extremely dangerous. One of the most unnerving elements to them is the fact that they move silently as they make their way to the player. Once they have gotten within a certain range of the player, they will emit a low hissing noise for a few seconds before they explode, causing large amounts of damage.

Not only do Creepers cause players damage, but their explosions also cause havoc to the environment and buildings around them. I'm pretty sure Creepers destroying homebases are responsible for 99% rage quits in Minecraft so it is imperative that players keep them as far away from their structures as possible.

Deal with Creepers from a distance using a ranged weapon such as a bow and arrows. It is not the only way to defeat them, but it is always best to try and attack them from far away to avoid being in the explosion range. If there is water nearby, you can get them to follow you for a swim as water absorbs the explosion. Creepers additionally have a weird phobia of cats which tactical players could use to their advantage.



Ghasts drift high above the Nether and have a hostile shriek. What makes ghasts dangerous is that the volume of this creepy sound doesn’t lower the further you are from them, making you unsure of where they actually are meaning you may encounter them at ANY moment. Once you are seen by a Ghast they will spit a large fireball at you which can be thrown from long-range with great aim. Leaving a crater upon impact, players should run for cover immediately. If you do want to take a ghast on, try and defeat them from a distance using arrows or by deflecting their own fireball with a sword.



Do not let their looks decieve you! Mostly found within woodland mansions, Evokers are unfriendly magicians who have some harmful tricks. One spell they can cast is Fang Attack which creates killer fangs that attack the player and can cause significant damage. Evokers can also summon Vexes which are horrible winged demons that attack players from above.

If you defeat an evoker, you can be rewarded with the totem of undying. This is great for cheating death and can become vital later in the game so grab this if you can.



The Wither is a player-constructed undead boss mob that has three heads. To spawn one, you are sent on a quest for multiple different materials in the Nether, including three Wither Skeleton skulls. Once constructed, it will explode to life, literally, causing up to 102 hearts of damage depending on your difficulty level. It has two phases and (in the second phase) can continuously spawn Wither Skeletons to help defeat the player. Although a tough battle, once defeated it will drop a Nether Star so it's worth doing if you need buffs for the end game.

The Wither


The mobs to end all mobs, this list needs to conclude with the epic Enderdragon. As the first boss mob to be placed in the game, players come face to face with this beast when they enter The End. The dragon spawns and starts to circle the player intimidatingly. It will destroy any blocks that get in its way unless they are specific blocks for The End such as End Stone of obsidian. When it is not causing destruction, it will shoot deadly purple fireballs at players. The sight of this mob will simply give you chills and make you regret taking this thing on. Good luck.

The Enderdragon

The world of Minecraft is full of monsters around every turn. Although some are terrifying, others definitely have a bark that’s worse than their bite. The best thing a player can do is learn about these mobs in Minecraft so that when they come face to face with one, they are fully prepared to defeat them.


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