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Created by The Danish Geodata Agency back in 2014, this server consisted of more than 4000 billion blocks and 1TB of data. It was built using the agencies 3D elevation model and was intended to be used as a teaching tool of some kind. However, due to it being a 1:1 scale replica of the whole of Denmark, the server soon caught some traction and gained 200,000 downloads at release. Unfortunately it's popularity led to it's downfall when some player discovered that TNT could be used, resulting in the destruction of most of the map. It has since banned TNT and encouraged the citizens of the country to contribute to the server to make it feel more authentically Denmark.

Official Denmark Minecraft Server


If you want to explore all the states in the US but don't have the time for a week-long road trip, you can download "Life In The United States" from the Minecraft Marketplace. This presumed educational tool costs 830 minecoins and allows you to tour the country using various vehicles like helicopters or New York-style taxis. You can experience 50 different tourist attractions firsthand and choose from different modes like survival, freeplay, or story mode. In story mode, you can learn interesting facts about each state as you travel through the map and although small, the map is full of information and things to see.

Full view of the map in Life in the United States


Want to explore Paris without feeling lonely amongst all the happy couples around you? Minecraft has got you covered! You can visit both the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame virtually. Given the 2019 fire at the Notre Dame, Minecraft may be your only chance to experience the Cathedral in all its glory for a good few years until its restoration is complete. Treat yourself to the pleasure of exploring the City of Love online.

Eiffel Tower built by LanguageCraft
Notre Dame built by Creeper2357


The Colosseum is most likely the first thing that comes to mind when you hear someone mention Rome. Its vast size is enough to take someone's breath away, even in it's decaying state. As much as people wish they could experience it as people experienced it back in 80 AD, unfortunately time travel isn't real...until now. Minecraft servers have emerged, showcasing the Colosseum restored to its original state when it was initially constructed. This offers a unique opportunity for people who aspire to explore it.

The Colosseum built in Minecraft

The Entire Earth

Build The Earth is one of, if not THE biggest project currently on Minecraft. Thanks to around 7000  members (and counting), they aim to construct the entire earth on a 1:1 scale. As of the time of writing, there are currently 4884 ongoing projects amounting to 7107 square meters being built on. With one block equal to 1 meter, they have a long way to go and are always on the hunt for new builders to join the project.

Monaco by BTE France
Schwerin, Germany, by Build the Earth Germany
Phloen Chit, Bangkok by Team ASEAN | Southeast Asia
Delaware, US by Jester#0908

Honorary Mentions

Great Pyramids, Egypt
Christ the Redeemer, Brazil
Buckingham Palace, UK


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