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As many will already know, Palworld’s first Raid boss dropped last week. The boss is a hybrid between a goth girl, an upside down campfire, Jack Skellington and a burning rose. Or something. As you’d expect from a design like this, the boss’s name is also suitably gothic; Bellanoir. It’s also pretty hard, especially in higher tiers. The base tier of the raid boss, which has a timer of 10 minutes, is summoned with 294,000 HP and it only gets tougher from there. 

I’m gonna be real. I’m not gonna provide you with any strategies on how to beat or even summon Bellanoir, because they’re already all over the internet at this point, written by people who’ve actually done it. I haven’t actually done it because I’m not a high enough level in Palworld to do it yet thanks to a combination of factors, such as attention span, my PC kinda struggling with the game for some reason, and Dragon’s Dogma 2. If you’re looking for serious strats on how to beat Bellanoir, you’ve probably already found something like THIS IGN GUIDE to help you do so. 

The majesty of goth girlboss Bellanoir

For the sake of reference though, and if you just want the info, the boss info is thus:

Required Recipe - Summoning Altar (Lvl 33).Cost to craft Altar - 3 Ancient Technology Points, 100 Stone, 20 Paldium Fragments, 4 Bellanoir Slab Fragments (found in dungeon chests). 

Bellanoir stats - Dark type. Level 30. 10 minute timer. 294,000 HP. Drops Huge Dark Egg, Ancient Civilization Core, XL Training Manual, Multiclimate Shirt +1, more. 

Then there’s Bellanoir Libero, the more powerful form of Bellanoir, who can be summoned at regular and ultra tiers. These fights are gonna require you to be immensely powerful, with good loadouts and an effective team. Meanwhile, I am not immensely powerful. I do have good loadouts and an effective team, I wouldn’t wanna throw shade on any of my beloved little Palworld animals like the sheep or the chicken or the tracksuit-wearing henchman, but honestly I am not even slightly strong enough to summon and take on Bellanoir yet, let alone Bellanoir Libero or Bellanoir Libero Ultra. 

Another goth Palworld girl

One day I want to though, which is what led me to the discovery I present you with today; Raid bosses need to be summoned in your base so multiple Pals can join the fight. However this means the bosses can also completely destroy your base. So obviously it’d be absolutely ridiculous to call down Bellanoir or any future Raid bosses right in the middle of your carefully crafted, beautiful Palworld homesteads. So what should you do instead? Build a gladiatorial arena as a backup base. 

Not only will this idea get your Palworld world and pals Raid Boss-ready, but it’ll also get you in the mood for the upcoming movie Gladiator II from hit director Ridley Scott. Gladiator II, slated for release in November 2024, stars Paul Mescal, Denzel Washington and Pedro Pascal, serves as a sequel to the 2000 movie Gladiator starring Russell Crowe. In the original movie, Russell Crowe’s Maximus did not have plucky cartoon animals assisting him in the arena, but at this stage we can’t be sure that Gladiator II won’t feature Palworld-style battles, so why not ride ahead of the curve and create your own colosseum in Palworld where you can safely fight Raid bosses in an arena designed to be destroyed?

Mates with miniguns

The main thing to consider when constructing your arena is that if your Palbox gets destroyed during the fight, all the Pals you’ve assigned to your arena will despawn. Therefore, make sure you construct your dummy base’s Palbox as far away from the arena/summoning altar as possible, and make sure it’s reinforced for extra safety. 

Most people will probably stick to basic arenas for their fight club designs, with a bit of cover to hide behind perhaps. Bear in mind all of this could - and probably will - get destroyed. But if you’ve got a lot of time on your hands, why not construct an elaborate colosseum to rival ancient Rome? Or a doomed, ruined village that Bellanoir (and future raid bosses) can sweep through, decimating what little remained of the pitiful dwellings. Or you could build the remains of an ill-fated science laboratory where dangerous experiments have gone awry, leaving the building as naught but rubble, a reminder of Man’s folly in thinking we can tame nature. But then populated with cartoon animals. 

Explosive arena combat

I’ll be real, I haven’t build my own combat arena yet because I’m not even high enough level in Palworld to have the materials to do so. I built some fantastic base defences and arenas in the Dragon’s Quest Builders games though, so I have an idea or two about cool battlefields on which to fight aggressive, large monsters. I’ve also played a ton of Monster Hunter and, as previously mentioned, I’m currently playing Dragon’s Dogma II so I’m highly experienced in protecting settlements and fending off creatures. So when I say that building a combat arena in preparation for Palworld’s future raid bosses is a good idea, I have centuries of experience to back it up. Plus y’know, it just makes sense that you wouldn’t want to summon a huge base-destroying monster into your carefully-crafted base. 

Hell is other Pals

If you do decide to build your own awesome fighting pit to duke it out with Raid bosses, or even just have cool Palworld builds in general that you’d like to show off, then why not hit us up on Creeperhost Twitter (or X) @CreeperHost to show us your cool Pals. Or just to say hi or whatever. 

[Author's note: It's definitely X, X is cooler]


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