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The new wolf variants are FINALLY here, and the world has never been so perfect! Although you cannot pet them in-game (I SWEAR Mojang will add it one day), you can still use your imagination to cuddle up to your loyal companion. Therefore, it's time to talk about the very real and totally not made up in my head personalities and petableness of these cute canines.

1 - Ashen Wolf

The Ashen wolf can be found in the Snowy Taiga biome, and reminds me of a husky. Unfortunately, due to this resemblance, I can only imagine how much this little guy molts in the summer and how much hair I'll find on all my clothes and food. Not to mention how loud (although cute) the constant chatter and howling would be. He will definitely be the most loyal pupper, but there are more cons than pros. 3/10 would pet with a stick 1 meter away to prevent fluff getting all over me.

2 - Striped Wolf

The Striped wolf is found in the wooded badlands - which already gives me a bad vibe! They remind me of striped hyenas and although very cute, I can only imagine all the backstabbing and laughing at my expense. They seem very cheeky and not very loyal, always ready to mess things up for me just for a joke. The only redeeming feature is how beautiful their coat looks. 4/10 would be cautious when petting but totally worth having my arm bitten off.

3 - Regular Wolf

Our bog-standard pale wolf is here at number 3. He can be found in the Taiga Biome and there's nothing TOO special with this dude (hence being number 3), but he has always been the most loyal doggo to millions of Minecraft players throughout the years. He defends you against the most horrifying mobs and never fails to return to you even when you misclick and accidentally stab him with a sword. He is the goodest boy in all of Minecraft. 10/10 would pet any day - he deserves it <3

4 - Woods Wolf

Next up, we have the Woods wolf, unsurprisingly found in the Forest biome. Now this little goofy goober is very sneaky. He camouflages himself waaaaay too well inbetween all the tall trees. Don't worry, he means no harm though! He loves playing hide and seek and always jumps out on you, but only as a silly joke. He's also extremely energetic, ready to jump and run towards your next adventure together. 7/10 expect to get muddy paws all over your legs.

5 - Spotted Wolf

We have hit the halfway point with the Spotted Wolf from the Savanna Plateau. This pup is a very placid and trustworthy companion to have on your travels. He is the perfect middle ground of energetic and lazy. He will follow you anywhere you go but expect regular breaks to bathe in the sun and have a quick cuddle. He always boops you with his little wet nose to remind you he is not far behind you. Very friendly, perfect companion dog, 8/10 would pet.

6 - Snowy Wolf

I bet you can't guess where you find this buddy? The Snowy wolf is the perfect canine to walk the long and never-ending Snowy Groves. He is super fluffy making the best blanket to keep you warm on your journey and is so good at sniffing out food in the piles of snow. 8/10 the cutest survival expert you'll find!

7 - Black Wolf

The Black wolf can be found in the Old Growth Pine Taiga. These guys are very timid and can be found in small packs of between 2-4. Although they choose to stick together in smaller groups, it means they are one of the most loyal and loving wolves you can find and they will literally do anything to protect you. 9/10 such a good boy.

8 - Chestnut Wolf

This is the emo of the wolves. Chestnut wolves can be found in the Old Growth Spruce Taiga and tend to keep to themselves, not out of fear but out of not caring. With their paws, tails and faces in dark makeup (fur), they're not afraid to be who they are and stare at you menacingly. They may seem scary at first, but when you actually go up to one, they are the friendliest wolves you'll have ever met. 10/10 Don't let looks deceive you!

9 - Rusty Wolf

Where to start with this cutie?! Rusty wolves are found in the Sparse Jungle biome and are my absolute favourite (no not because we both share the same hair colour, although it's nice to get some representation!). They are just the silliest little guys, I mean look at their dorky faces! They are absolutely descendants of your typical orange fox and yes, they do the cute fox jump when hunting. All I can imagine is how soft their coats are and how amazing it would be to just bury my head in all the fluffy goodness. I would kill for the Rusty wolf. 1000000/10 - deserves all the pets and cheese the world can offer.


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