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As I’m sure any Fortnite player knows, today (4/2/24) Korra from The Legend of Korra showed up in game. She’s the guest character for Chapter 5 Season 2, which means she’s free to acquire if you own the Battle Pass, but you’ve gotta do some tasks and quests in order to get your hands on her skins. 

Thankfully, alongside the quests, the game has introduced waterbending, via a new weapon in the form of a Waterbending Scroll. And hoo boy, in a season already filled with fantastic new additions like the Icarus Wings, the Hades Chain and the Zeus Lightning Bolt, I am amazed that they managed to introduce something even better. 

The Waterbending ability allows you to throw shards of ice that don’t do a huge amount of shield damage, but the sheer size of the projectiles makes up for that. Plus, once you take down an opponent’s shield then the ice projectiles absolutely eat through health in one or two hits. There is a reload after an extremely generous amount of projectiles, but it’s ridiculously quick, faster than almost any of the other projectile weapons. I am 99% sure the Waterbending scroll is going to get nerfed soon, so get on it while you can. I comfortably soloed Zeus using just Waterbending without taking a single hit from the old man or breaking a sweat. It decimated him. 

On top of the ridiculous damage output that the Waterbending scroll does, it also heals you for 5hp per second if you’re in water. And as you know, there’s water everywhere in Fortnite so health damage is basically a thing of the past. Unfortunately it doesn’t provide any kind of buff to traversal in water, but given how OP this new weapon is, it feels hard to complain!

So the point of this blog is to provide some strategies to unlock the Korra skin which focus around using the Waterbending scroll. There are only a few quests you need to complete in order to unlock the base Korra skin. I’ll leave it up to you to discover what each individual quest unlocks. Don’t wanna ruin the fun! The Page 1 quests are as follows:

Emerge from water

Collect 4 Mythic items

Do 2000 damage to opponents before the second storm circle starts

Mantle, Hurdle or Slide 50 times during the daytime

Hit the same player with a Mythic and non-Mythic weapon

Okay so, before you think about any of these quests, there’s an awesome area on the map you should know about. Very few people go here, so I’m risking it all telling you about it. You can see the location in the below screenshot: 

Blue marker, red circle!

This lil house on a cliff come filled with cool loot You can usually find at least two of the three Greek weapons lying around the house. But there are also two minions and a commander here. The commander drops a keycard to a vault, which is absolutely filled with money, and three chests including a Rare one. Currently, I’ve been finding the Waterbending Scroll in this vault almost every single time I’ve landed here. If not though, don’t worry - the scroll’s dropping everywhere at the moment. And you can carry up to five in your inventory, so you can theoretically collect 4 Mythic items in one match solely by finding scrolls. Oh yeah, did I mention it’s a Mythic item? Keep this in mind for later.

Emerge from water - by far the easiest quest on the list. All you need to do is pop out from the water. This doesn’t even need to be emerging on the shore; simply jumping while you’re swimming counts. So in theory, you could land from the bus into the water, jump once, get shot and still complete the quest. Almost impossible NOT to finish this one if you try. 

I am Poseidon emerging from my natural habitat

Hit the same player with a Mythic and non-Mythic weapon - You could go and collect a boss weapon, or buy Midas’ Drum Gun from him on the Marigold, or find some lightning, but honestly… Waterbending Scroll. Just take a shot at a player with any weapon in your inventory, switch to the Waterbending scroll and wreck them. A good combo I like is the Hades Chain and the Waterbending Scroll, just because I like the Hades Chain too but literally any gun is fine also. This quest seems a bit intimidating if you don’t know that the Waterbending Scroll is a Mythic item, since all the other current Mythic weapons are either one-instance weapons, or the extremely powerful lightning bolt. But just use the Waterbending Scroll and it’s super easy. 

I'd just killed someone here but it's really hard to get a screenshot in the middle of a fight!

Collect 4 Mythic items - This doesn’t need to be 4 different types of Mythic item, and it doesn’t need to be in 4 different matches, so you’ll get this one quickly simply by playing the game. You could head to my secret location each time you land, or for a more expensive option, keep landing at the Marigold and buying Midas’ Drum Gun off of him, but really if you just explore the map a bit you’ll likely find 4 Waterbending Scrolls/Lightning Bolts within a match or two. Worth remembering that while it might seem like it should be a Mythic item, Banana of the Gods is only a Legendary item, so Peely remains the only Mythic banana in Fortnite. 

Look! A Mythic Waterbending Scroll!

Do 2000 damage to opponents before the second storm circle starts - Fairly simple, although could take a while depending on how confident you are in where you land. If you’re happy landing at hotspots, particularly the four boss spots, then you’ll get in plenty of firefights in the early stage of the match. If not, then just try and engage in as many ‘safe’ firefights as you feel able during the first five minutes of the match. Worth noting that this quest requires damage to opponents, not players, so taking on one of the bosses and mowing down their numerous henchmen is the quickest way to beat this quest, albeit the riskiest thanks to the numerous other players who will likely converge on your location.

Minions! But not that kind.

Mantle, Hurdle or Slide 50 times during the daytime - This is surprisingly the most involved of the Page 1 quests. It’s not difficult by any stretch of the imagination, but you’d be surprised how long it takes to mantle, hurdle or slide fifty separate times. Sliding is probably the easiest way to do it by just briefly triggering a slide then rinse and repeat fifty times. Considering you only need to complete four of the five quests to unlock the Korra skin, and since the reward for this one is fairly underwhelming, it’s probably better to just let this quest complete naturally. But if you’re determined, just remember the ‘during the daytime’ caveat. 

So there you go! Complete four out of five of these quests, and you’ll have the standard Korra skin unlocked. Stay tuned for part 2 of this blog, where we complete Page 2, and face off against somewhat of a difficulty spike and a bit of a slog. 


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