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By now, you’ve completed Page 1 of the Korra quests, and you’re looking to unlock the rest of the items, including a glider and the Balanced skin for Korra. The first page wasn’t too bad, was it? Well, I have good news and bad news for you. One of the quests from Page 2 is something you’re guaranteed to do pretty quickly while just playing the game. Another one of them can theoretically be completed without even touching the controls. But the remaining three provide a range of different challenges that may prove frustrating depending on how patient you are, or how skilled - or lucky - a player you are. As with Page 1, you only need to complete four out of the five quests to unlock the Korra skin. 

Eliminate 3 opponents while you’re below 50 health

Collect or spend 1,500 Bars

Travel a distance of 500 units while on the train

Hire 20 characters or revive 20 teammatesEarn or pick up a Victory Crown

So as you can see, there are a couple of standout double-take quests here, one in particular. So let’s start off with the more simple ones, shall we? 

Collect or spend 1,500 Bars - When this says collect OR spend, it means the quest is cumulative. Collect 500 bars and spend 1000 for example and the quest is complete. You don’t have to commit to 1500 in one direction or the other. You can easily gather a bunch of gold by going to my secret location from part 1, which can be found below. But really, gold is everywhere. And spending it is even easier. Just find a hireable NPC, which you’ll need for a later quest anyway. Buy something off them then hire them. That’s about a third of the quest done already. You can spend a lot of gold in Fortnite. I believe in you.

It's my top secret place again!

Travel a distance of 500 units while on the train - You’re not gonna believe this, but the best way to do this quest is to get on the train and then travel on it. If you really wanna play a risky game, you could get on the train and then go make a cup of tea or something, and see if you manage to survive 500 units while AFK. Or, more sensibly, ride the train while defending yourself. Try and do this early game so you can complete it in one run without risking being driven into the storm. 

Strangers on a train.

Eliminate 3 opponents while you’re below 50 health - There’s no guaranteed tactic for this one, although since it requires you to kill opponents, not players, there is a cheesy approach you could take. Make sure you’ve got full shields, then take fall damage to bring your health under 50. Then take on a few minion NPCs - the three in my secret place for example - and you’ve done the quest in one go. 

Murdered by a Minion :(

Earn or pick up a Victory Crown - Sorry, there’s nothing I can really say that would help here, other than you need to win a match… or kill someone who has a crown. If you’re not a player who regularly gets dubs, this is probably your best bet. You only need to pick up the crown to complete the quest, you don’t need to win with it. If you have a nice friend who already has a crown from a previous win, you could also have them drop it for you. 

A Duo Victory Royale. One way to get a crown.

Hire 20 characters or revive 20 teammates - Oh boy. If ever there was a quest that isn’t particularly challenging but is ridiculously time-consuming, this is it. It’s not so bad if you regularly play in Squads, or even Trios, but even in Duos this is going to take a fair few matches, even if you both hire NPCs every match and also regularly get downed. If you’re playing Solos though then your only hope is to hire one of the NPCs shown on the map below, and do this twenty times. And that’s assuming you manage to hire one of the eight NPCs before they’ve all been snapped up by the 99 other players. It is possible to hire more than one NPC in a match if one of them dies, but I’ve been playing Fortnite before it even had a Battle Royale mode and I think I’ve hired more than one NPC in a Solo match about three times total. Thankfully you can just complete all the other quests to get the Balance Korra skin, but if you want the Legend of Korra glider then you’re gonna have to complete this one. At least you have until near the end of May to do it! But geez, for a quest set that’s otherwise fantastic, this one really does stand out as a very dull exception. 

The friends we'll make along the way.

Update: While taking screenshots post-writing, I did actually find a very easy and quick way to complete this quest in Solo, although I’m not sure if it’s intended or an exploit. First, hire any NPC. Your best bet is to go for one of the three in the North East corner, so you don’t have to travel far after beginning this method. Then, with your newly-hired NPC in tow, head to another hireable character on the map. Hire them, which will dismiss the character currently in your party. Then quickly before the first NPC runs too far away, talk to them and it’ll allow you to rehire them, while dismissing the second NPC. Repeat this process over and over, and each time it counts towards the quest. Not only that, you only need to pay to hire them once, so it only costs 500 gold total to use this method. It does kinda make sense that you wouldn’t have to keep paying someone over and over after dismissing them for 30 seconds, but whether it’s a feature or a bug remains to be seen. So don’t be surprised if this method doesn’t work by the time you read it. 

I hired and fired her more times than Mr. Burns fires Homer Simpson. Speaking of, Simpsons skins when?

But hey, not to complain, even with the long-winded method, at least you’ve got all your Korra gear now like I have. And let’s hope that rumors of an Aang skin coming to the store soon are true. We all know he’s the best Avatar. Maybe we’ll get benders of each element, and more scrolls added to the game. The Waterbending scroll may just be my favorite weapon since Darth Vader’s lightsaber.


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