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Brewing Potions in Minecraft is a great way to power yourself and can give the player temporary boosts. Potions can also be used on enemies and can have both positive and negative effects. We have created a guide to brewing potions.


Before brewing potions in Minecraft, however, a brewing stand is needed. These can either be crafted or collected. Hunt through village temples or the basements of igloos to try and find a brewing stand. It is relatively easy to craft a brewing stand, however, finding the ingredients in the first place can be a challenge. This is because some of the ingredients can only be found in the Nether. Build a Nether Portal to get to the Nether. If you are not experienced with travelling to the Nether, ensure you have good armour and defend yourself with weapons such as a bow and arrows. Head to a Nether Fortress on a hunt for Nether Wart. This is a vital ingredient to create the majority of potions.

You also need several glass bottles (which can be crafted from three glass blocks), a water source (a cauldron is an option for this), blaze powder and additional ingredients which we will discuss later. To get blaze powder, find some blazes and kill them to collect blaze rods. Once you have received the ingredients, head back through your Portal to the Overworld and start brewing!

Once you have got Nether Wart, you will need to create a farm in order for you to have a constant supply for future brewing. You can do this by placing soul sand blocks then plant the Nether wart into it.



To make a base potion, fill the glass bottles with water and place them into the base of the brewing stand. Add the blaze powder to the brewing stand as this activates the potion. You will need one unit of blaze powder per brewing action.

The following potions can be made with one ingredient, although they do not have any effect and are merely base potions.

·         Awkward Potion (no effect)- Nether Wart

·         Splash Potion (no effect)- Gunpowder

·         Thick Potion (no effect)- Glowstone Dust

·         Mundane Potion (no effect)- Any other potion ingredient

The main potion you should focus on making is the awkward potion, which forms the base of all of the other potions in Minecraft. It takes approximately twenty-seconds to brew.


Now that you have created an awkward potion you should add another ingredient to create a complex potion. Each ingredient will create a potion with a different effect.

·         Sugar = Swiftness (faster movement)

·         Rabbit’s Foot = Leaping (higher jumps)

·         Blaze Powder = Strength (stronger attacks)

·         Spider’s Eye = Poison (damages over time)

·         Ghast Tear = Regeneration (restores health over time)

·         Magma Cream = Fire resistance (reduces damage from fire)

·         Pufferfish = water breathing (reduces oxygen usage)

·         Golden carrot = night vision (improves vision in low light)

·         Turtle Shell =turtle master (slows the target down but improves damage resistance)

·         Glistening Melon = Health

·         Phantom membrane = slow falling (gravity’s effects are lessened)

Most potions mentioned above have effects that last forty-five-seconds to three-minutes).


There are ways to create stronger potions that are more powerful. Alternatively, you can create an extended potion by adding an additional ingredient to the complex potion. It is important to remember that you still need blaze powder to start the reaction when adding the additional ingredient.

·         Redstone- can be added to any complex potion and will double the time a potion works. This is known as an extended potion.

·         Glowstone- can be added to make the effects of the potion stronger. However, it halves the time the potion will last for. This is known as an enhanced potion.

·         Fermented Spider’s Eye- can be added to some potions to invert the effects of the potion.

You can not use both redstone and glowstone, so a player has to carefully decide which effect will be more beneficial for them.

It is possible to also invert some potions so that it has the opposite effect. You can do this by adding fermented spider’s eyes. You can use it on the following potions

·         Night Vision- turns it into a Potion of Invisibility

·         Swiftness – turns into a Potion of Slowness

·         Healing- turns into a Potion of Harming


Add gunpowder into the potion bottle of water will create a splash potion. These are made to be thrown instead of drunk. Therefore, these are great for throwing at other players or mobs. However, they need to be close by for the potion to take effect. If you aim accurately, it is possible to effect several enemies at once.


Brewing Potions in Minecraft takes time, so you need to ensure you choose your potions. The results of a potion are not always obvious and can have the opposite to your desired effects. For example, using a Potion of Harming on certain mobs like zombies, zombie pigmen, skeletons and withers will in fact heal them because they are undead.


Adding dragon’s breath to a Splash potion turns it into a lingering potion. These can be thrown and they stay on the ground. They are different to create as it involves getting hold of dragon’s breath which can only be found from the ender dragon. You can collect the dragon’s breath in an empty glass bottle.

To create a lingering potion, place a splash potion into the brewing stand. Add the dragon’s breath along with blaze powder. Once thrown, the potion will last a few seconds. However, bear in mind that the effects of a lingering potion only lasts half as long as a normal potion would. Once thrown, the potion will form a cloud of gas which affects anyone who walks into it.


There are some potions that you cannot craft yourself however you can still get hold of them. For example, you can find a Potion of Luck as a treasure, but it is impossible to craft this.

Now that you have an overview of brewing potions in Minecraft, what potions are available and how you can brew them, your abilities in the game will be taken to new heights.


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