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14 Benefits to Kids Playing Minecraft.

The benefits of playing Minecraft far outweigh that of many other games. Offering strategy and decision-making lessons, there are more benefits to Minecraft than you might think.

Minecraft is a great game that children around the world have fallen in love with. However, parents can often be concerned about the amount of time their children play on video games.

Minecraft is unique. Not only is it fun, it genuinely can be used as a great learning tool as well. From social skills to academic skills, there is a lot to learn and discover within the world of Minecraft that can be beneficial for kids and their development. Here we discuss what the main benefits are to kids playing Minecraft.

1. Encourages Problem Solving

Minecraft offers children the opportunity to solve problems which determine their future progress in the game.

When a player is in 'survival mode' they must ensure they control their health and hunger levels whilst avoiding dangerous mobs. Each scene lasts ten minutes, meaning they have limited time to figure out how to overcome these problems in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Players are dropped into different environments, meaning they must quickly determine what their next actions will be. As each Minecraft 'day' only lasts ten minutes, quick thinking is a must to progress in the game.

2. Improves maths skills

Within Minecraft, children will regularly be faced with times when they have to solve geometric problems, manipulate blocks to build structures to scale and in order to calculate how much material they require.

3. Helps them manage resources

From learning how to calculate how much things cost, to figuring out the time it takes to acquire resources, the player will quickly figure out how to successfully manage time and resources.

4. Improves reading & writing skills

There is a reason why Minecraft is increasingly being used in classrooms across the world. In order to succeed at the game the player will need a thorough understanding of the written guides that appear on the screen; meaning the child's reading skills will be developed. If the child plays with other people online, writing informative and instructive messages to one another is vital to achieve and progress.

If children are learning the key skills they need for school in a fun way such as playing a game, they will not feel like they are actually learning.

5. Encourages Teamwork

Minecraft can teach teamwork extremely effectively as the teammates collaborate to achieve their goals. There are some instances when the goals can only be achieved by teaming up. Although Minecraft is a great game to play independently, by pooling resources, building structures and defeating enemies together, a player can progress much quicker through the game and share a sense of achievement together. It improves conversational skills and can build strong relationships.

6. Helps them learn about history

Reconstructing famous historical sites is extremely popular and a fun way to use Minecraft. The results can be extremely educational as the child can simultaneously learn about the structure they are building, plus, they can even recreate famous historical events.

7. Boosts and encourages creativity

The imagination can go into overdrive in Minecraft as the possibilities are endless. The game allows for children to be truly creative and create something unique. They can build anything they want whether it’s real or pure fantasy, the choice is theirs!

8. Parents can play too

Due to how accessible and personalised the game can be, it is not just children that are able to enjoy it. Minecraft is a game for children and adults alike. It is a game the whole family can play and work on together which can be a great bonding experience.

9. It's age-appropriate & safe

As long as parents set the correct parental controls, kids can use Minecraft with friends or on their own in a completely safe environment. It has been officially rated for ages 7 and above and ages 4 and above for the iOS version. Although there are some weapons involved, the graphics are not violent and parents have the opportunity to set the game into peaceful mode to avoid this.

10. Can be a confidence booster

Confidence can be boosted as the child progresses through the game and improves. Confidence can also be built as they start to work alongside other players and can even lead to new friendships being formed.

11. Can help with future work skills

Valuable future work skills can be obtained through Minecraft. The combination of the skills already discussed can put a child in a great position for future employment. Not only can Minecraft teach children technical skills that are desirable by employees, the teamwork and relationship building skills are also perfect for the future. These skills can help improve a child’s ability to negotiate, make decisions, plan projects and even lead teams.

12. Builds patience and determination

Minecraft is full of challenges. Some of which a child might fail at time and again, teaching the child that persistence is key and never to give up. One of the benefits of playing Minecraft is that the game is endless, encouraging them to raise their determination, set new goals and try again.

13. Learn coding

Minecraft can be modified and customized in order to make the game behave in different ways. Children can learn Java code to make more sophisticated changes, allowing them to develop an extremely desirable skill.

14. Self-Direction & Sense of Achievement

Unlike other games, Minecraft does not have an official end and a player cannot win. Minecraft is not built on levels that the player needs to progress through. Players, therefore, must decide for themselves what they are going to do in the game and what they would like to achieve.  This helps them build on their ability to decide on a plan and stick to it.

Setting their own goals and then seeing themselves achieve it can have a positive effect on their confidence and demonstrate that they can be in charge of their own actions.

Although Minecraft is commonly seen as a game children play in their spare time, there are still many useful and important skills that can be learnt. The game is simple, and this simplicity makes it amazingly versatile, so children and adults alike can adapt the game to build on skills. Above all, one of the greatest benefits of playing Minecraft is that your child will enjoy learning.


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