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Installing ValheimPlus

To install ValheimPlus on your server follow steps provided below. Before continuing please make sure you have stopped your server if its currently running.

Step 1

Click on Valheim in the sidebar of the panel, or if you are yet to install Valheim please follow our guide on additional software on your service first (link goes here)


Step 2

Click on the Versions link


Step 3

On the versions, page select the appropriate version of ValheimPlus you wish to install then click on the Install button and wait for the notification saying it has been successfully installed.


You can now start your server backup or if you wish to change the settings for ValheimPlus follow the guide below to find the configs.

Changing ValheimPlus configs

Step 1

Click on Files


Step 2

Double click on the BeplnEX > config folders



This will now open a folder that contains the ValheimPlus config that you can edit by double-clicking on to open the built-in editor.