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Minecraft has become a global phenomenon and its popularity continues to grow a decade later. You might consider yourself a hardcore Minecraft user or a master of Minecraft, but just how well do you know what is arguably, the most popular video game ever created?

Here, we discuss 23 things you didn’t (or probably didn’t) know about Minecraft.

  1. Minecraft was almost called Cave Game- doesn’t really have the same ring to it.
  2. Looking at a wolf’s tail is a great indicator of their health. A wolf with its tail up is healthy, but if the tail is down, their health is low.
  3. Ever wondered what the noises Ghasts make are based on? - they are inspired by a cat!
  4. Speaking of cats, we all know that cats have 9 lives, but in Minecraft they seem to have more than that. No matter how much they fall, they do not seem to take any damage.
  5. When you load up the game, there is 0.01% chance that the introductory menu will flash up with a typo of the game’s title- showing Minceraft instead.
  6. Want to be invisible to Endermen? Wear a pumpkin on your head!
  7. It impossible for Endermen to be hit with eggs or snowballs.
  8. Another Endermen fact. When they talk, it sounds like a weird, made up language. It is in fact English phrases such as “Hello” and “what’s up?” being played backwards, at a different, distorted pitch.
  9. You can prevent people getting past the border of the world by building invisible blocks.
  10. For some reason red flowers are a lot rarer to find than yellow flowers.
  11. The Creeper was created by a coding error. A Minecraft developer answered a fan’s query about the origin of the Creeper by saying that when they were creating a pig, they accidently got the height and length values wrong. The result? The iconic Creeper was born.
  12. Another fact about Creepers. They do not have hands and yet they can easily climb ladders.
  13. There is a small chance, (approximately 0.4%) that four chickens can hatch from an egg at the same time.
  14. You can sleep during storms, even if they occur during the day.
  15. Anything thrown at a cactus will be destroyed.
  16. It is impossible to see water if you are looking through ice.
  17. In Minecraft, you can eat spider’s eyes if you wanted to. However, avoid raw chicken as it can poison you.
  18. If you do eat raw chicken in Minecraft, eat it whilst crouching as this trick apparently lowers your chance of getting poisoned.
  19. If you want to break into a melon easily, always choose a sword. If it’s a pumpkin you need to break, then choose an axe.
  20. Placing Soul Sand on top of ice slows you down.
  21. Pumpkins are technically more expensive than white diamonds in the world of Minecraft as they are harder to find.
  22. You can break minecarts and boats with arrows, however boats will not break if they hit soul sand.
  23. In 2013, the Viktor Rydberg secondary school in Sweden made Minecraft a mandatory part of their curriculum.Being one of the most popular video games ever created, along with being around for a decade means the world of Minecraft is a minefield of fun and interesting facts. Did you know them all and do you have any facts of your own?


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