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Unfortunately, yet another COVID-19 message, I know, they're annoying.

I don't have much to say, just that we're still working. As we run our own data centre and can mostly work from our homes, we've continued principally as per usual as we're classed as key workers in the UK.

Most our team are working from home, this does mean we're not quite as efficient as usual, but I'd say only slightly less so, as we all live within minutes of our data centre.

There may be points in time support will be slower, due to the increased demand our staff need more time to rest, please be patient and courteous.

We are seeing unprecedented demand for this time of year. We're doing our best to match the market and still have available space. Our biggest concern is that crucial hardware vendors are closed until April. Then they will have a large backlog of orders, meaning new hardware will take a while to reach us.

We kindly ask that our customers and anyone with a game server, please join our community Discord and help each other feel less isolated, play together, share ideas, builds and more. Mental health is as important as physical health.

We have also significantly increased the capacity of our services for MineTogether, noting a three-fold increase in users thus far. We will do our absolute best to match whatever role is required for this service to keep people connected.

We've added a small discount available from our Twitter, via pinned tweets. You will not see this message repeated anywhere, deliberately promoted or otherwise as we see this as bad taste. We're here to help people stay connected. This discount will be available as long as the current world affairs remain in this state.

Finally, I'd like to reach out and offer to any communities or educators who are looking for a way to assist their students or community socialise at this time safely. We do have the hardware set aside to assist in this, contact us, and we will be happy to provide equipment to help while stocks last.

Thank you for your time reading this, stay safe.

Paul Taylor

Chief Executive Officer

P.S. The UK is in lock-down and we've had the best weather for months... Hence the header image.


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