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  • It is Your server!

    We don't sell you game servers, we sell you resources, you can run any game you want within those resources.
  • Want to run a Minecraft server?

    Minecraft is our genesis, we began here and we're one of the best at it.
  • Want to run a Starbound server?

    We supported Starbound since the beginning, including providing hardware for hosting and testing.
  • Want to run a Terraria server?

    Terraria is integrated into our panel and uses the TShock software with Mono.
  • Want to run a Minecraft: Pocket Edition server?

    You can run a MCPE server too, using the Pocket Mine software.
  • Want to run a Garry's Mod server?

    We provide support for gmod and an easy setup, with a simple way to add workshop information.
  • Want to run a Starmade server?

    We've been providing hosting for Starmade since it became popular, it's similarities to Minecraft ensured we where able to provide high end support.
  • Want to run a CubeWorld server?

    We worked with the CuWo developers to bring CubeWorld servers to our Linux VPS's, while not feature complete, they are very close.
  • Want to run a Just Cause 2 server?

    JustCause 2 Multiplayer works seamlessly from our control panel
  • Want to run a Left 4 Dead 2 server?

    Left 4 Dead 2 works seamlessly from our control panel
  • Want to run a Counter-Strike Source server?

    Counter-Strike Source works seamlessly from our control panel
  • Want to run a Half Life 2 Death Match server?

    Half-Life 2 Death Match works seamlessly from our control panel
  • Want to run a Team Fortress 2 server?

    Team Fortress 2 works seamlessly from our control panel
  • It is Your server!

    We don't sell you game servers, we sell you resources, you can run any game you want within those resources, including all of the games listed and more.

Welcome to CreeperHost

CreeperHost is an English company that specialises in low contention linux gaming VPS, allowing you to run Minecraft, Terraria, Starbound, Starmade and more from one package. Servers coming with full root access and a dedicated IP as standard, allowing you a powerful platform to build your gaming empire.

All of our servers come packed with features, we hold the latest Minecraft server files for one-click installs so there's no need for you to upload, we have the latest (and of course earlier versions) of Vanilla Minecraft, latest Bukkit (stable, development and beta), latest Spigot, Latest MCPC and Legacy. We are the official partners of Feed the Beast and support their private mod packs as well.

Our VPS servers are set up in minutes (barring external circumstance), our support is super fast, and all our VPS's come with tools for installations and monitoring, gameplay and world control that are easy to use and configure.
Get one, get in and get playing!

Features of CreeperHost

  • Live Statistics

    CreeperHost's CreeperPanel comes complete with live OS statistics including RAM allocated at the operating system level, CPU usage and more.
  • 24 / 7 Technical Support

    We operate 24 / 7 technical support and have a proactive approach to tickets, opening tickets to clients for detected and unreported issues.
  • Better Value

    At CreeperHost, we don't believe you should have to pay per game server, you can't play two games at once can you? Here you pay for the resources you use, and can pick any game server you want to run inside these resources.
  • CreeperPanel

    CreeperPanel, CreeperHost's propriatry control panel software has been designed from the ground up for this service, including the ability to run and configure over 10 unique games from your single purchase.
  • Payment Security

    To ensure your payment details are kept secure, we ensure they're stored with trusted third parties of which their entire job is to look after your details, leaving us to focus on what we do best.
  • Friendly Customer Support

    Our customer service team has been sourced from the community and were chosen based on personality, abilities and devotion to their job.

Games on CreeperHost

  • Steam

    We support several games from Steam, including but not limited to; Garry's Mod, Half Life 2: Death Match, Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike: Source and Just Cause 2: Multiplayer
  • Minecraft

    We started with Minecraft, we worked directly with the teams behind Feed The Beast, Minecraft Port Central, MinecraftForge and more to bring you the best Minecraft experience available.
  • Starbound

    As the original Starbound hosting company, we have worked with Starbound since conception of it's design, and where the first hosting provider to provide Starbound servers at an affordable rate.
  • Starmade

    Starmade is essentially Minecraft in space, you can build bases, space ships and even space stations!
  • CubeWorld

    CubeWorld is the Role Playing game designed by Wollay, based upon popular games like Zelda, Minecraft and a few others.
  • And more

    We're always looking for more games, if they work on linux, we'll try and get them integrated, feel free to request a game via our ticket system.

Client Testimonials

  • TechStack

    Great reliable service with fast helpful support ! And a company that gives back to the Minecraft community!
  • mats000

    From all of the server hosting services I've used, and trust me, I've used tons of them, CreeperHost's service is the best. They actually reply your support tickets, and don't use a machine to do it. And their servers are cheap, too!
  • Guude

    CreeperHost has been amazing at meeting all our server needs from game servers to side projects they have been ready to tackle it all. They have even jumped in to help outside of the realm of services they offer a few times just to see a project come to life!
  • TehMuggz

    Creeperhost has been a great hosting company through my time as a customer over the past year and a half. Quick response time and very helpful with any issues I have had. Prices and service are great and you cannot beat the full access to the server you are renting.
  • thebad300

    I have had a CreeperHost server for 2 years now, in that time have tried many of their packages. When i had a silly question because of never running a server before or a true HELP my servers on fire i messed up they have been their with a prompt reply to help. They even provide free VoIP and website hosting for your server.
  • angelofdeath114

    Amazing support! They spent 2 days troubleshooting what was wrong with my FTB server. After 2 long days we finally figured out the problem. Their kindness and patience is something you don't see often in hosting. I highly recommend them!

Meet CreeperHost Team

At CreeperHost, we have a team of specially skilled and motivated individuals, chosen based on their abilities and their personality to provide the highest level of service.
  • Paul T

    Managing Director
  • Luke H

    Director of Support Services
  • Draylynn T

    Director of Client Relations
  • Natalie D

    Client Relations Manager
  • Zoe L

    Senior Support Desk Technical Analyst
  • Delyth W

    Junior Support Desk Technical Analyst
  • April K

    Junior Support Desk Technical Analyst
  • Ashley Z

    Junior Support Desk Technical Analyst
  • Kevin M

    Communications Coordinator
  • Ben A

    Communications Assosciate
  • Liam N

    Client Relations Associate
  • Anthony E

    Junior Support Desk Technical Analyst
  • Lochie J

    Senior Support Desk Technical Analyst
  • Aaron M

    Senior Support Desk Technical Analyst
  • Alex H

    Full Stack Developer

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