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Making your server public (Adding token)

To make a Factorio server public you will need to set a username and an authentication token, this will then allow your server to be displayed in the public server list in game. The guide below will guide you through getting an authentication token and setting your server up to use the token.

Getting your authentication token

There are 2 ways of getting an authentication token, you can either login to or go to %appdata%\Factorio\player-data.json. We will go over both methods in this guide.


1. Go to and click on login or sing up in the top right then login with your username and password or sing up for an account.

2. In the top right of the page after logging in you will see your username, if you click on it it will take you to your profile


3. You will now see your account details and a token that's displayed as <hidden>, click on the reveal to the right of <hidden>


4. Now your token will be displayed to you, copy the token then paste it somewhere safe then copy your username and paste it somewhere safe as we will need these again.


You can now skip to the "Setting your username and token" section of the guide.

Using the player-data.json

1. On your computer go to %appdata%\Factorio

2. Locate the player-data.json and open it with notepad

3. Find service-token then copy and paste it to somewhere safe as we will need this again later on

4. Find service-username and again copy and paste it somewhere safe as we will need this again

You can now move on to the "Setting your username and token" section

Setting your username and token

1. Login to then click on your Factorio server.

2. Click on Settings and scroll down until you see Username and Token


3. In the Username box enter the username you copied from the previous step and in the Token box enter the token you copied from the previous step.


4. Click save and restart your server.