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Transfer your service to another location


You can transfer your service to another location by logging into the panel then in the left side...

Setting up SSH/sFTP

General Information File management & SSH/sFTP

If you are looking to manage your server using SSH or want to transfer files using sFTP you will ...

how to

Connecting to your server via Steam


Open the Steam client and in the top left click on View > Servers Click on the Favourites t...

Installing Oxide/uMod


Oxide/uMod is a mod/plugin loader for Rust servers that allow server owners to install plugins su...

Setting a server description, URL and header image


Setting the server description, URL and header image can help advertise your server to other play...

Banning and unbanning players


You will need to be either set as an admin or moderator to run the following commands In rust th...

Adding admins to your server


Adding admins to your server allows them to run admin commands such as kick, ban, mute and many m...

Adding a whitelist to your server


To add a whitelist to your server you will first need to install Oxide/UMod on your serviceWe hav...

Adding tags to your server


Setting tags on your rust server is a way to show players the type of server you are running by g...

Upgrading your service


If you are looking to upgrade/resize your service you can do so from the Resize page of the panel...

Adding Plugins

Minecraft: Java Edition File Management

To find your instance please follow this guide:

Finding your IP address


The IP address and hostname of your service can be found by clicking on the Access link in the si...

Creating an account


A MineTogether account can be created by going to then clicking the Logi...

Setting sub-account permissions

CreeperPanel Sub-accounts

To configure the permissions for a sub-account click on Configure Permissions next to the user yo...

Adding sub-accounts

CreeperPanel Sub-accounts

Sub-accounts require the target user to have created a MineTogether account, you can link the use...

Generating a HAR file for troubleshooting

General Information Troubleshooting

To troubleshoot issues such as logging into the panel or issues with the panel not responding cor...

Installing ValheimPlus


To install ValheimPlus on your server follow steps provided below. Before continuing please make ...

Changing Java Version

Minecraft: Java Edition Instance options

To find your instance please follow this guide:

Cold Storage

General Information

What is Cold Storage? Cold Storage is an option that will allow you to cancel your service and k...

Connecting to your server


Using the connect to server button on the panel Click on Rust in the sidebar to open the consol...