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How to use the SFTP Wrapper

General Information File management

The CreeperHost sFTP wrapper is discontinued and may stop working at any time. Please move to usi...

Panel not responding

General Information Troubleshooting

Just purchased a server or logged in and noticed there are 'tons' of new menus on the left that y...

Mod/Plugin Manager

Minecraft: Java Edition Instance options

If you are running a Bukkit-based/Modded Minecraft instance, then you will be able to use the "Pl...


Minecraft: Java Edition Instance options

Every Minecraft instance has its own individual settings options. The settings page contains all ...

Service Name

General Information Ordering

One of the most important choice you will make when ordering a service is your service name. The ...

Service Location

General Information Ordering

When ordering a service it is important to get the best connection to your service as possible. T...

Export/Import Instance

Minecraft: Java Edition Instance options

Exporting Instances: A feature in the control panel allows you to export an instance to download...

Settings Errors

General Information Troubleshooting

Error Unable to find existing config This error is not critical. This is a warning; When you've ...

Installing Mods

Ark: Survival Evolved Mods

To install mods on Ark, it is similar to other services we provide. First you will stop the serve...

Installation Locations

General Information File management

All installations are stored within the /home/minecraft/* directory within their respective folde...

Advanced: WinSCP SFTP Guide

General Information File management

Download and install WinSCP. This is Windows only. You can do this by either going directly to th...

Restoring Backups

General Information File management

If you have made a backup via the Service > Backups page, you can restore it by: 1) Visit any...

Restoring Backups

Minecraft: Java Edition File Management

Backup Restoration: To restore a backup created by mods such as FTBU (Feed The Beast Utilities) ...

Installation Location

Minecraft: Java Edition File Management

Minecraft: Java Edition is stored in the ./home/minecraft/mc-instances/mc-INSTANCEIDHERE/ directo...

Enabling Total Conversion

Ark: Survival Evolved Mods

Total Conversion is a modification of the game (DLC). To enable the Primitive Plus Total Convers...


Custom Domains Third party nameservers

Configuration Log in to your GoDaddy account Click Add New Record. The Add DNS Record window d...



Getting a key and secret Before any calls can be made to the API, you must first have a key/secr...

Testing connectivity (MTR)

General Information Network connectivity

In order to see what might be affecting your connection to the server, we need to run something n...

Advanced: CyberDuck SFTP Guide

General Information File management

Firstly, download and install CyberDuck. This can be used on either Mac or Windows. You can do th...

Backups and Current World

Ark: Survival Evolved World Management

Ark manages its world saves in a bit different of a manner than most games. These are typically s...