Connecting to your server

Using the connect to server button on the panel

  1. Click on Rust in the sidebar to open the console page of the panel
  2. You should now see a green link near the top left of the console with the text Connect to Server. Clicking this will open a prompt on your browser asking if you want to allow the CreeperPanel to open an application.
  3. Click on Open, and it should now load the game up for you and attempt to connect you to your server.

Using the in-game server list

The in-game server list may not show your server sometimes. Pressing the refresh and waiting a little while may work in finding your server. However, if the server still does not show up, we cannot assist as we do not control the server list.

If you have set a unique name for your server, you can use the in-game server list by clicking on Play Game, then click on the Search Servers.. text box and enter the name you gave your server.

If all goes well, you should find your server and connect to it by clicking on it. We also recommend clicking on the star icon next to your server name to add it to your Favourites, as this will make it easier to connect to your server in the future.

Using the Steam client

If none of the methods above work for you, you can follow our Connecting to your server via Steam guide. This method adds your server to your Steam favourites list.

Once the server is added to your favourites in Steam, you should also be able to use the Favourited section in the in-game server list to connect to your server.

Setting a server description, URL, header image and rcon password

Setting the server description, URL and header image can help advertise your server to other players, giving them an idea of the type of server you are hosting.

The server description and URL can be set on the settings page after selecting Rust from the sidebar however to set the header image for your server you will need to manually edit the server config.

Before proceeding please make sure to stop your server if its running by clicking on the red stop button in the top right of the console page.

  1. Click on Rust in the sidebar to load the console up, then once on the console page click on Files to load up the file list for your rust server.


    Once on the files page double click on the following folders: server > my_server_identity > cfg

    You should now see 3 files (bans.cfg, serverauto.cfg and users.cfg) double click on the serverauto.cfg to open it.