Every Minecraft instance has its own individual settings options. The settings page contains all of the following options:

(*) options are unique to our panel functionality.
(**) options relate to MineTogether configuration.



Display Name (*)

This is the name displayed for this Minecraft instance.  Name you give your instance when you create it
MOTD The message of the day of your server. A Minecraft Server 
Allow Bedrock Allows Bedrock players to connect - must be using Vanilla 1.16.2 or newer False
Discoverability (**) If available, would you like this server to appear on the public server listing, be invite only or entirely unlisted? Part of the MineTogether mod.  Unlisted
Server Port The port of your server. Best to leave as default! 25565 
Info Port The port configured in ServerInfoProvider (If installed).  25566
Jar file to start (*)

The jar file started by the control panel.

Memory (*) Memory to allocate to the server - usually fine on adaptive if only running one instance.  Adaptive
Arguments (*) Would you prefer the java arguments to try and optimize CPU usage, or, optimize RAM usage? Low memory usage 
PermGen/Metaspace (*) Permgen/Metapsace to assign. Should be Dynamic unless you are using Java 7 (default is Java 8). Dynamic 
Maximum Players  The maximum number of players that can be connected to the server. 20 
Whitelist  Whether whitelist is enabled on the server. false 
Online Mode Whether your server allows people without paid accounts. Please note - This will need to be set to 'false' to allow BungeeCord to work, as BungeeCord handles authentication.   True
Allow Flight

Allow flight for hacked clients. Usually should be disabled.

Note: Mod packs may have additional flight settings in mod configs for certain flight-related items.

Enable PVP  Whether Player Vs Player is enabled. True 
Enable Command Block  Whether command blocks are enabled. False 
Announce Player Achievements  Announce in chat when a player gets a achievement in game.  True
Op Permission Level  The permissions that ops have by default. 1: Ops can bypass spawn protection 2: ops can use /clear, difficulty, /effect, /gamemode, /gamerule, /give and /tp - and can edit command blocks. 3: Ops can use /ban, /deop, /kick, and /op 4: Ops can use /stop.
Player Idle Timeout   If non-zero, players are kicked from the server if they are idle for more than that many minutes.
 Enable Query  Whether your server has the query port enabled. Used by many server listing sites. False 
Query Port   Port used for server queries.  25565
Enable Rcon  Whether your server has the rcon port enabled. Used to control your server remotely.  False 
Rcon Port   Port used for remote server control.  25575
 Snooper Enabled  Sets whether the server sends snoop data regularly to Mojang. True 
Difficulty  The difficulty level: Easy, Normal, Hard. Easy 
Default Gamemode  Default set gamemode for new joining players. Survival 
Force Gamemode  Whether to force the default gamemode when a new player joins  False
View Distance

 The view distance. Recommended 1~10.

Note: View distance of 7 or lower can reduce mob/animal spawns dramatically.

Increasing the view distance beyond 10 is not recommended.

Level Name  Which world folder to load.  World
Level Seed  The seed used to generate the world.  
Level Type The level type used to generate your world, eg: Amplified, Default, Voidworld, Biomes'O'Plenty etc. Default 
Generate Structures  Whether world structures (such as villages) will be generated.  True
Hardcord Mode Enable hardcore mode. Please note that this is set on generation of a new world, and can not be unset!   False
Generator Settings  Options to pass to the world generation. Useful with super-flat worlds. Usually blank.  
Max World Height Maximum build height.  256
Max World Size Maximum possible world size in blocks, expressed as a radius. 29999984 
Allow Nether Whether the Nether can be generated and travelled to.  True
Spawn Monsters Allow mob spawns: true - yes, false - no.   True
Spawn NPC/Villagers Allow villagers to spawn: true - yes, false - no. True 
Spawn Animals Allows animals to spawn: true - yes, false - no.  True
Spawn Protection  Spawn protection radius. 0 is disabled! 16 


For a full list of settings available in the minecraft file and their descriptions, please refer to the minecraft wiki at

NOTE: There are some server options not available on this menu that may be helpful.
For example: max-tick-time=(default:60000).
For heavy mod packs you may want to disable max-tick-time= by setting it's value to "-1" in the via the File Manager or sFTP/SSH, to prevent the error 'A single tick took longer than 60 seconds'.

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