Service Location

When ordering a service, it is important to get the best connection to your service as possible. This means having as lower latency as possible.
If the service is just for yourself or for a small group of friends who all live in the same area/region, then it is best to select the location closest to you for the lowest latency.
However, if you are looking to host or manage a larger community of people spread out across a much larger area or multiple regions, then it is best to select a location more centralized for everyone.
EG: You have a large community based in the US and a small community based in the EU, then it is recommended to select a location on the east cost of the US, such as our Buffalo data centre.

Latency test:

Before you order, if you are unsure which location is best and wish to test the latency from you to one of our locations, we offer these test IP addresses which can be pinged using the ping command in the console/terminal of your computer or run using an MTR test to check the latency.

Grantham (UK)
Bucharest (Romania)

Dallas (US)

Los Angeles (US)

Buffalo (US)
Chicago (US)
Atlanta (US)
Seattle (US)
São Paulo (Brazil)
Hong Kong (Asia)
Tokyo (Asia)
Sydney (Australia)

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