Installation Locations

All installations are stored within the /home/minecraft/* directory within their respective folders...

Minecraft: /home/minecraft/mc-instances/* - See here for extra information on Minecraft instance identification.
CS:GO /home/minecraft/csgo/*
ARK: /home/minecraft/ark/*

Hidden Directories

Have you ever tried to change mods list (mods-list.json) for Factorio via sFTP/File Manager, but it is not working or loading any mods? Or thought "Hey, why is my uploaded Terraria save not working?", you may be the victim of a hidden directory!

Some games will store the information in a hidden directory, on your home computer, this may be located in the %App Data%. However, most of our services run on Linux CentOS, Linux does not have a %App Data%, instead, it stores these files in hidden directories such as /home/minecraft/.local/, the full stop in the directory name makes the directory hidden by default.

Hidden directories cannot be 'seen' in the File Manager, the only way to access these directories is via sFTP, the sFTP client must have 'Show Hidden Files/Folders' enabled in the client's settings/options in order to see these directories.

Note: Never remove or edit your .ssh .pki directories, you can break your service!


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