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Advanced: WinSCP SFTP Guide

Download and install WinSCP. This is Windows only. You can do this by either going directly to the website, or downloading the archive linked below which can be run without installation.

WinSCP website:
WinSCP download (portable, non-install version):

You will then need to login to the panel. After this, press "Service" on the left menu, then "Access" under that to display your sFTP/SSH login information. Click open the "Download" button, this will cause a popup to appear, confirm you have read the very serious message, and, download button againĀ - Your browser will now download a .chPPK file to use in your WinSCP client.

Next, open WinSCP.
Ensure the following:

  • Protocol is set to "SFTP".
  • The port isĀ "22".
  • Enter your server's Hostname (
  • Enter in the user "minecraft".

Click "Advanced" under the password (leave the password blank):


Select "Authentication" in the left menu of WinSCP., then click "..." next to "Private key file:" and select the .CHPPK file you downloaded from the control panel.

Note: You will need to type *.*ppk in the name box of the file manager in order to see and select the .chppk file.

Click "OK" to close the settings.


Click "Login".

WinSCP will now login to your server's sFTP and display your /home/minecraft/* directory, ready for you to drag, drop, double-click open configuration files for editing (Control+S to save edits using the in-built editor)... etc.

Note: PPK files have a limited lifespan, after approx. 90mins you will need to obtain a new one in order to login again. This lifespan can vary.